[meteorite-list] Re: audio transmissions

From: tracy latimer <daistiho_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Jul 4 14:22:10 2004
Message-ID: <BAY22-F36hsZXKrvSut0003a37a_at_hotmail.com>

I know that Jupiter is really 'noisy', broadcasting in the radio spectrum.
I imagine the drawback would be trying to either find a planet with a
sufficiently dense atmosphere to produce sound, yet quiet enough not to rip
apart almost immediately any probe inserted into that atmosphere. Of the
planets we have so far inspected, only Mars, and possibly some of the outer
planets' moons, might pass the criteria, and I imagine any sounds on Mars
would be severely attenuated by the thinness of its atmosphere. Have we
dumped a probe down on, say, Europa yet with sound gathering capabilities?

Listening intently,
Tracy Latimer

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