[meteorite-list] Quick hello and thoughts on Shirokovsky

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Date: Fri Jul 9 03:47:06 2004
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Ethically we should all take responsibility for this, i.e. Don't buy any!!

That way next time (when an even better 'meteorwrong' appears) it won't end up being worth more than a real one!

I find it amazing, that mysteriously, a potentially faked pseudometeorite appears, and everyone promptly gives money to those involved, - ooh the Irony of it. When there are authenticity questions being asked (especially by the MetSoc), then the stuff at the very least, shouldn't be allowed to be sold at the mineral trade fairs..


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Hi Adam and All,
I agree with those remarks and would just add that it was still for sale during the last Sainte Marie aux Mines show in France with a great marketing presentation including PowerPoint slides and videos shown on a laptop to visitors. And I know some people who got cheated again this year, as they were not aware about the real story...
Kind regards
Fr?d?ric Beroud
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> Hi List,
> Just a quick note to say hello.? I am starting to get caught up on emails
> and am now receiving List postings.? Some really interesting topics have
> been posted lately, including the Shirokovsky objects.
> My feelings have not changed regarding this pseudometeorite.? It looks man
> made to me and the way it was presented to the public leaves me suspicious.
> Some things that bother me are:
> * Slices were sold without any external surfaces
> * Mass cut, prepared and labeled like inventory you would find in a hardware
> store,
> ?? not the way typical meteorite dealers do business.? As far as I know, not
> a single
> ?? complete stone, end-cut or complete slice was ever offered.? Why is this?
> * A website was created immediately with images trying too hard to sell the
> story.? It
> ?? looked like a well thought out marketing campaign to me not something
> that naturally
> ?? unfolded.
> * Was sold with fake scientific documentation when first announced.
> * Most faces are obscured in expedition photos, again not natural.
> * Was continued to be sold as a meteorite even after being discredited.
> * The nickel content is too high to show crystallization patterns.
> * People nobody ever heard of were involved in its distribution.
> * ...and a lot more troubling thoughts.
> These circumstances lead me to believe there is a lot more to the story.
> Maybe I am too suspicious but this one just doesn't feel right to me.
> All the best,
> Adam Hupe
> The Hupe Collection
> Team LunarRock
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