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From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Jul 21 15:31:48 2004
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Dear Adam, Dave, and List;
As you all notice, the small potatoes feller that I are :-\ , I try to
not really get too active in actually buying and selling meteorites
these days. It is much easier to sell odd stuff like magnetite,
anorthosite, things that are visually, or mineralogically related to
meteorites than play with those lacking moral compass ( I do like your
choice of words).
Yup, there are a lot of question marks in many auctions.
I sort of think, to a degree, that that is one of the benefits of the
Tucson show (and this list), and other meetings as it gives us all a
chance to pass on verbally among good friends who has been a great
dealer to be associated with, and who is not. Hopefully during a couple
seasons of good, bad, and ugly, those with the heading not of true north
when they speak, will fall by the way side. I admit that I would not
 ever deal with a couple of our fellows who are controversial here on
the list, and on ebay.

 It is very important as you note, to note those who do us proud in our
One of my personal favorites usually has the left over keg in his room
with his brother, and the other set of brothers from the same state are
right up there too, along with the other inhabitants of that region.
And to that, add a Bob.

 It is really hard to keep a short list of solid reliable "go PTO's".
Oops, Dave and Adam have always been reliable and honestly thought of in
the circles I travel.

 From small potato head quarters........
Dave Freeman mjwy
Spud here watched the lunar landing on a 18" black and white with the
family, we got two channels. Made life easy, watch one or the other. I
was 15 and a junior in high school. We had a new kitchen and only three
years earlier, got indoor plumbing! When it all happened, there was a
small doubt that we were really there, and someone jumped and we all
jumped. Walter Conkrite was a God.........

Adam Hupe wrote:

>Dear Dave and List,
>The reason I am so upset about fraud is that it directly affects the value
>of our collection and takes some of the fun away from the avocation. I will
>give you a few examples:
>I recently traded with a well known and somewhat respected dealer. After
>analyzing the material he sent I was disappointed to find it was not what he
>reported it to be. When confronted he claimed another well known dealer
>sold it to him. I called the other dealer to let him know what he was
>distributing was bogus. He said the other dealer made it up. Now, I do not
>know which one is telling the truth so I will no longer do business with
>either one.
>We had yet another well known dealer try to illegally interfere with one of
>our auctions by calling the auction house and claiming part ownership in one
>of our specimens even though we paid 100% for the specimen and have had
>clear title since the beginning. The only motivation I can see for this is
>pure greed and lack of a moral compass.
>Total Known Weights, when reported on ebay are inaccurate about 38% of the
>Pairings, some of which are not correct, are being made by sight alone with
>no scientific input.
>Some people continue to sell terrestrial or man-made objects as meteorites
>when they know differently.
>Meteorites are being sold as main masses when they do not fit the criteria
>even when known pairings of greater weight are known. When something is
>assigned a different Name or Number even though it is paired does not make
>it a main mass.
>I am hoping my message will get to those who are committing fraud and help
>stop this destructive practice but experience tells me otherwise. I should
>not get too much into the negative aspect of this hobby and maybe I should
>be pointing out who is, in my opinion, doing an honest job.
>All the best,
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>>Having just read Adam Hupe's firm action for meteorite fraudsters, I was
>>wondering why no one has commented on it, and does he have some
>>he should be sharing with us? I have never heard either of the
>>Hupes speak in such strong rhetoric!!
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