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Date: Wed Jul 21 16:18:49 2004
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Hello Adam and List,

Although my last post met with a few less than positive responses, I feel I
would like to comment.

Now having only been collecting meteorites since Feb of 2004, I'd say I am
still really new at this hobby. I am a born packrat and I have collected
Assay Equipment to Ratfinks and everything in between.

I would have to say this is a somewhat difficult hobby to get involved with
due to the amount of mis-information which Adam has wrote about. Let's take
TKW's, I can go to 3 different web sites and find 3 different numbers.
Prices vary from .99 to 20.00 on the same size pieces. There is no set
market here, although there is a base average. Maybe someday a price guide
will be wrote to regulate this a bit.

As far as honesty in any hobby, this is based on the individual person
buying or selling said meteorite. I bought a meteorite from Adam Hupe and
when I got it, I received exactly what was advertised. However, my first
Canyon Diablo meteorites I bought from another dealer ended up being
Magnetite. I lost money with that dealer and it pissed me off!

Adam's comment:
"It has to stop because it is damaging the core of our favorite hobby and
avocation, meteoritics."

is very true. This is still a newer hobby when you look at something like
coin collecting. We don't want to kill the fun and importance of the hobby
before it really gets started. So I say Go For It Adam!

Cj Lebel

>From: "Adam Hupe" <raremeteorites_at_comcast.net>
>To: "Dave Harris" <entropydave_at_ntlworld.com>
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>Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] curious....
>Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 10:43:11 -0700
>Dear Dave and List,
>The reason I am so upset about fraud is that it directly affects the value
>of our collection and takes some of the fun away from the avocation. I
>give you a few examples:
>I recently traded with a well known and somewhat respected dealer. After
>analyzing the material he sent I was disappointed to find it was not what
>reported it to be. When confronted he claimed another well known dealer
>sold it to him. I called the other dealer to let him know what he was
>distributing was bogus. He said the other dealer made it up. Now, I do not
>know which one is telling the truth so I will no longer do business with
>either one.
>We had yet another well known dealer try to illegally interfere with one of
>our auctions by calling the auction house and claiming part ownership in
>of our specimens even though we paid 100% for the specimen and have had
>clear title since the beginning. The only motivation I can see for this is
>pure greed and lack of a moral compass.
>Total Known Weights, when reported on ebay are inaccurate about 38% of the
>Pairings, some of which are not correct, are being made by sight alone with
>no scientific input.
>Some people continue to sell terrestrial or man-made objects as meteorites
>when they know differently.
>Meteorites are being sold as main masses when they do not fit the criteria
>even when known pairings of greater weight are known. When something is
>assigned a different Name or Number even though it is paired does not make
>it a main mass.
>I am hoping my message will get to those who are committing fraud and help
>stop this destructive practice but experience tells me otherwise. I should
>not get too much into the negative aspect of this hobby and maybe I should
>be pointing out who is, in my opinion, doing an honest job.
>All the best,
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> > Hi,
> > Having just read Adam Hupe's firm action for meteorite fraudsters, I was
> > wondering why no one has commented on it, and does he have some
> > he should be sharing with us? I have never heard either of the
> > Hupes speak in such strong rhetoric!!
> >
> > Curiously...
> > dave
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