[meteorite-list] Bernd commentary on NWA 1955

From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:47 2004
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Hi all,
        Matt Morgan was kind enough to sell be some of his unique
NWA 1955 which is the only type H/L 3-4. I had thin sections
made (some with cover sheets and some without, double polished
- for those who might want to do microprobe work).
        Bernd bought one and was kind enough to share the email
below with me and Matt, AND to give me permission to foreword
it to the list....
"Hello Michael, hello Matt,
My NWA 1955 thin section pics keep bugging me. The pic I am once
more attaching here seems to show what might be called a "contact
zone" where H material crashed into L material or vice versa. Look
at that sharp horizontal line dividing the pic into two halves.
[this is photo "1" at:]
The lower part actually shows 4 different chondrules - magnification
32x  -- (plus one separate chondrule in the 5 o'clock position):
(1) an oval, barred olivine chondrule squeezed between two deformed
POP chondrules
(2) another large, colorful chondrule with long, thin laths in the 6
o'clock position
These 4 chondrules have literally been pushed into/onto each other!
JPEg #2 (magnification 56x) shows a PP chondrule (porphyritic pyroxene)
with a large, almost perfect, euhedral pyroxene crystal in the 8 o'clock
position - that's the "aesthetical" part of the story. This chondrule is
surrounded (not visible in the pic) by a thick, opaque rim which may
be serpentine. IF it is serpentine, this would point toward aqueous
alteration (such rims are well-known from Allende, Axtell, or other
carbonaceous chondrites).
What if meteoriticists also find carbonaceous components in NWA 1955?!
A triple conglomerate: H - L - C? What an exotic personality, this NWA 1955!
Best wishes, Bernd"
[then, in a later exchange he added]
"Anyone who is into thin sections and who misses out on this one,
is to be pitied." 
Photos at:
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