[meteorite-list] This guy is selling Meteorite PHD certificates on Ebay.....

From: Charles Viau <cviau_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:52 2004
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I apologize for the 'trash paper' comment, it is just that with all of
the fake degree mills out there on the net, this just not seem to set
well with me , especially since I think it should have said "Doctorate
in Meteorites", or "Doctorate in Meteoritics" (which seems the most
correct). Mark pointed out that he had contacted the seller to correct
his terminology.. which I guess was done for a few buyers. So.. what is
really correct... Doctorate of Meteorites or Doctorate of Meteoritics...


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   I wouldn't call it trash paper- it has been fun.
And I bought one! Granted, maybe a little high priced,
but his quality is excellent and other than not being
dated or a real university- you wouldn't know it is
not the real thing.
   My wife and kids got a laugh out of it. So did some
friends of my wife that came to the house and saw it.
   It is now with "Dad's meteorites" aka his "dumb
   Lighten up- the guy has a good thing going and for
those of you that don't have a little advertising to
go with your meteorite collections- you might think it
is pretty neat.
   Have a good night everyone.
Mike Groetz

--- Charles Viau <cviau_at_beld.net> wrote:
> Check this out.. for $10.00 you can have a PhD in
> Meteorites!... as well
> as other things... and he is doing fairly well with
> this trash paper....
> 239
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