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Date: Wed Oct 19 23:23:11 2005
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Hi Bernd, Martin, all

I have fragments of both meteorites in my collection

and they really really very similar.

have a look:






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Hi Bernd,

Thanks for the article. I knew such a text existed, but the reference
I had contained a question mark in the title.

Now a refined question: At what point are meteorites paired? If a same
day fall 50km apart with similar composition is still not enough, then
what is? According to the authors, more study is needed. What might
that study be? And if such synchronicity is not a preponderance of
evidence for pairing, how can any ancient falls on the hot deserts
ever be truly paired?

Just wondering.


On 19 Oct 2005 18:00:45 UT, bernd.pauli_at_paulinet.de
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> Hello again,
> How about this one: Any thoughts on the relationship
> between Glanggang and Selakopi? Cheers, Martin
> No thoughts but this:
> FREDRIKSSON K. and PERETSMAN G.S. (1982) Glanggang and Selakopi
> - Two new paired Indonesian chondrites (Meteoritics 17, 1982, pp. 78-86):
> Abstract: The Indonesian meteorites Selakopi, and H-5 chondrite, and
> a breccia with H-6 fragments in an H-5 chondritic matrix, were recovered
on the
> same day from sites only 50 km apart. The textures and compositions of
> and the H-5 portion of Glanggang are very similar, indicating that they
are closely
> related. The bulk chemistry of the H-6 portion of Glanggang is also very
similar to
> that of the samples mentioned. It has therefore been concluded that
Selakopi and
> the Glanggang breccia fragments were derived from the same source area and
> probably ejected at the same time. Minor differences in bulk composition
and texture
> among the three samples may be attributed to local variations on the
parent body.
> However, for reasons stipulated in the conclusion, it is recommended that
> names be maintained for these meteorites until further, more definitive
> have been made.
> Cheers from the wet and
> cold Rhein-Main area,
> Bernd
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