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Hidiho too,

my notes about the show are also somewhat short, as I had to run these days
like a marathon man, so we have to wait for the photos and the notes of the
other visitors and for the report by Norbert Classen in Joel's meteorite

Mike is right, the Moroccans brought again less stones than last year, which
is remarkable inasmuch as the real big shortage down to 10% appeared in the
year before. Now I had the impression, that they brought only a few boxes
with some nicer W1-chondrites, may it be, because they run indeed dry, may
it be, that with the average weathered stuff there was no business to do at
the last show, so that it made more sense for them to bring their fossils,
minerals & artefacts with them.
Almost no rare types they had, a few irons (or mesosiderite nodules sold as
irons) and those kind of that fresher polymict eucrites, which are around
everywhere at ebay, that's all. Even the ubiquist 869, which represented
last year quite a share of the unidentified OCs, was difficult to get. The
prices to start haggling were almost doubled compared to last year.
Only the specialist Ali Hmani&Junior had a remarkable assortment of desert
stuff, a nice fist-sized angrite I remember there as an highlight (but the
price was ways beyond good and evil).
So Mom&Dean's funny stall was this time the El Dorado for treasure hunters;
whenever I passed by, I found at least one known enthusiast muck-raking
through the desks with magnet&magnifier.
Else worth mentioning was an somewhat larger desert iron at one of the
Erfoud-boyz, which ought to be cut first, to be indentified, whether it's
smth new or already known. Wasn't as fresh as Taza or Ziz.

Hehe Mike, there was ONE large Gibeon, which you lose sight of - lying on
the table of the Sprichs and K?nig.
An 88kg disk-shaped individual with cool regmaglypts with an enormous gutter
crossing adding zest to it as an pagan altar for scary ritual acts,
At another half of a table, I forgot the name, there were some rough pieces,
kg-sized of Gibeon, but that was all.
Gibeon, in former times more common than Campo - Hans Camposanto Koser,
charming and polyglot as always, had the full palette of all sizes and
shapes, some with holes -
and which was THE main iron like Sikhote in the last 2 years, dissapeared in
the last 3 years due to the export restrictions.
Sikhote-Alin was weakly represented, a few boxes, most of them shrapnels.
For two reasons: the strewnfield isn't productive anymore and several
Russians, who usually took part in the past, had to stay at home for some
short time reasons.
Just as well many regular meteorite exhibitors, like Christian Stehlin,
Sigfried Haberer or Stefan Ralew didn't show up this year with a stall - has
to do with the horrendous fees and the mental opstipation of the German
audience, caused by an artificial hysteria about the
lame economy, so they rather save every buck than to buy spacerocks.

But also several new sellers joined the show:
Andrej Andrejew, you know him from the ebay-handle "meteorock", outstandig
from the Russian style standard ebay repertoire on his table were thin
slices of the Budulan mesosiderite.
Andi Hulk Starrockers Gren had a nice display case, with the already
mentioned Page City fullslice (his perfect etched Zagoras with Neumann lines
were sold out immediately). He's the PRETZEL SAVIOUR! Generously he paid all
pretzels, which were forgot to be paid by the attendants on Friday evening
in the Fliegerbr?u, so we send all our thanks and will buy immediately in
his "meteorite house" until it's empty.
The reknown Comet-Shop-Team sent this time only a shortened assortment and
one representant, also a "Sergej" and a nice person, speaking a good German.
>From their well known meteorites, I remember (I'm conservative and can keep
names better in mind than numbers) the new pallasite "Pallasovska" - could
be there a better name for an PAL?
Especially glad I was, that this year finally, finally Norbert Kammel in
person made it to the show. Many were missing the Kammels last year.
Classical Aussie-names are their domaine, (and they were heftily underpriced
as always!).
For the first time in Munich was Slawomir Derecki. If one would have to be
very severely, he would to be called the only true meteorite jeweler. As an
skilled, professional jeweler and artist, he is specialized in meteorites,
excogiting and producing technical high grade pieces of meteorite jewellery
of special design. Forget about that tumbled meteorite pearls bracelets, the
plump iron chunks with a thrilled hole on a string or those gilt etched
irons, where after a year the plating falls offn - if I once need wedding
rings, I know where I'll let them craft.....

Erich&Sylvia's wonderfull chaotic stall is an institution on the show since
many years and was mostly besieged from all - hence obviously always good
for an advantegous purchase.
Again the crown for rare names and historic falls deserve Achim&Moritz Karl
& Sergej Vassiliev. It's unbelievable what for new old localities they load
in their show cases each year. This time a variety of rare Australian irons.
(Was Milly Willy the brother of Mill Billie?)
But take care the Egers rivalled this year in cutting razorblade thin huge
iron slices.

Many, many more dealers attended, sorry, I can't mention all.
Perhaps another prophecy on the brink: The era of the Scherff-cube will be
replaced by the era of the Buhl-cube.

Where were the deals to be found? Whenever I run into a collector, he or her
pulled out from the bags (at least I had the impression) either a stone from
Dean Bessey, whereabout he asked my opinion, or a piece from the Kammels, in
most cases really excellent Millbillillies - I remember a superb oriented
complete individual with lipping and flow lines and only one smaller side
with minor traces of the red clay.
And indeed, if I hadn't to save my own bucks for another investment, I would
have bought the complete Kammel-table, I can tell you.
Hence if I had to award prizes - I would give one to Dean Bessey for the
most entertaining stall and again, as 3 years ago, the collector's award to
Norbert&Heike Kammel.

Friday eve, although several had to cancel in last minute or couldn't come
to Munich, much to their regret, was an success, I think. We were more than
last year. (Sorry again Dean&Mom, that we had to wait so long for a taxi.
Was impossible for such a show, I'll instruct the organisators of the fair,
that it won't happen again).
As there aren't even much events throughout the year, were so many meteorite
people arrive, I think, the Friday evening definetely will be now a jour
fix, as in my eyes it's a real positive contribution, if we meteorite
enthusiasts have an opportunity to sit relaxed together, to get to know
closer and to talk, without the stress on the show, were often the hustle
and bustle allows only slightly more than a short handshake.

Oops, I forgot to do some Northamerican name-dropping, to encourage more
collectors&dealers from overseas to come to Munich next year:
This time visiting the Munich show were Allan Lang, Edwin Thompson, Bob
Haag, Dean Bessey, Mike Farmer.
(Mike was a little bit late, but with a valid excuse: In his belly bag he
had a stone, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, the best of that type I'd had in my hands
ever, but this he have to tell you by his own!).

My personal prey this year was:
- a huge bar of original Swiss chocolate (thank you, Marc Jost)
- a fine book from the editor with reference texts to meteorites from all
cultures and a bottle of wine from the Rochechouart crater (thank you,
Mathias B?rmann)
- 2 large cans of Polish beer, Tatra & Okocim, very exotic for me as
Bavarian (thanks Marcin Cimala)
- 1 micro of a weird stone, let's wait, what the outcome will be (thanks
Zdenek Prokopec)
- 1 invitation to a porc knuckles & beer orgy (thank you Alex Seidel)
- countless Mojitos, Whisky Sours, ect. (Sanatate Razvan Andrej)

Now it's time for me to diet, Rollin' Rock me....


PS: Who will be in Gifhorn in May and in Ensisheim in June?
For Gifhorn we still have to work to gain more popularity
and, quiet Zelimir,
Ensisheim is for sure the most lovely meteorite show on the globe.
The little town, the sun, the concentrate offering, the atmosphere - it's
like vacation.
Well worth the journey from overseas - you may combine it with the mineral
fair of St.Marie-aux-Mines,
which take place the following weekend only a few miles from Ensisheim, also
a very fancy and special event and one of the most important mineral shows
in Europe, many meteorites.

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> Hi everyone,
> After a hectic two days of perusing the massive Munich show, it is finally
over, and I will be on my way home tomorrow with a stop in Paris. The
weather here has been incredible, over 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky
the last two days! Very abnormal for Germany at the end of October.
> The show was interesting, a lot of people who usually set up were not
> Some things of note, the Moroccans has virtually NO meteorites, compared
to last year, there was like 10% what they used to have. Also there was a
lot of the ?Fuking` Pallasite from China. It was being offered at less than
10Euros a gram in large chunks, I saw pieces from 100 grams to 2 kilos.
Apparently the buyers have divided the massive pallasite up and are now
going to flood the market. Looks like a good buying opportunity when the
price collapses. It is beautiful stuff, but with over 900 kilos, coming on
the market, we know where this goes.
> There were ZERO large gibeons or Sikhotes, except a couple at Erich
Haiderer?s always full table. Moritz again had the best display of rare
material, with Martian, Lunar, Pallasite, and nice irons from Aussie museum
trades. Hans had the usual rally nice Campos, and Karl Sprich many nice
Gibeon pieces cut into spheres and cubes.
> Moldavites are everywhere.
> I may have broken a planetary record in Morocco, so get your pennies
rolled and wait for the news.
> Michael Farmer
> Munich
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