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Date: Fri Feb 10 13:31:20 2006
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Brenham has problems with rust too, is it also not worth 1$?
Admire is a ruster.
Mount Vernon.
Singhur and Zaisho I don't know, but if they are rusters and you're be able
to get some of them,
I will offer you not 1$ but 3$ !!

Conservation and preservation is a duty of the collector.
Value also strongly depends on the rareness of a class.
Homework: Check the Bulletin database and find out how many meteorites are
there and how many of them are pallasites!!



>There were 4 meteorite dealers who
> had it forsale
I'm not sure, whether Madam Anne did the long journey to China....
>They are all trying to recoup
> their investment.
would be another reason, that they won't dump it like Brahin.

Let's see, if Koutyriev won't get it in his finger,
I see no way, that it will be drop to 1-5$/g.

PPS: For humid climate I recommend Imilac as pallasite. (no add, I haven't
any for sale at the moment).

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> Brahin is a ruster and is not even worth $1- per gram if you live in a
> climate.
> Re-read Steve's email. Fukang is owned by several people, not just one.
> Main mass is at U of A. The rest is on the market by numerous
> That is why Steve saw so much in Tucson. They are all trying to recoup
> their investment.
> Mark
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