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Date: Sat Feb 11 17:30:11 2006
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Well said, my friend.

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> Huh, where is the problem?
> Hartman is taking for 100 microboxes 1.3$ each.
> Seen the weak $, they cost here in Europe quite the same.
> Don't tell me that you collect only 1$-pieces!
> Wouldn't you make photos of those persons you love, because the albums to
> keep the photos are to expensive?
> For large pieces Andi Gren recommends you to take transparent plastic
> boxes,
> to span some cling film (but not the thinnest quality) over the open side
> and to fix it with Scotch tape,
> ready is your cheap one-sided membrane box.
> Marcin, what about your experiments with, now my English leaves me,
> that device for kitchen, a vacuum sealer?
> There you would have a membrane box, without any box but 100% membrane!
> (and you could nail your whole collection on the walls!).
> Buckleboo!
> Martin
> (Sniff the Buckleboo farm has no sign)
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>>I find Ron Hartman's pricing very reasonable. Try to beat that by buying
>>from the source in Europe and having them shipped to the US.
> The prices are reasonable-- if you are displaying pieces worth a sizable
> multiple of the price of the membrane box. For instance, a $800 lunar in
> a
> $2
> membrane box is no big deal. I tend to collect micromounts, both for
> economic
> and for space reasons. I thought about putting all of mine into membrane
> boxes,
> but I just could not justify paying the price per membrane box when you
> could
> get a gem jar of about the same size for a small fraction of the price.
> The
> gem
> jars are about the same size, about the same amount of material, and about
> the
> same complexity to manufacture, but because only one company is making the
> membrane boxes, there is no competition for them, and therefore inflated,
> monopoly prices. You can't tell me that stretching that membrane across
> the
> plastic is so much more difficult than sticking a piece of round foam in a
> jar
> that it costs 3-4 times as much to make? I only go with a membrane box
> for
> the
> pieces with great interest on both size. My other micro pieces go into
> gem
> jars. Also, I have one of the boxes like this one, and am really annoyed
> by
> the
> mold mark in the middle of it-- exactly where a mold mark should NOT be on
> a
> display case: http://home.earthlink.net/~capricorn89/box23.jpg
> (irrelevant
> side
> note-- I worked in a plastics plant running injection molding machines one
> summer during school, some of the machines the size of rooms. It gives an
> interesting perspecitive on how plastic objects are made).
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