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From: Martin Altmann <altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Feb 11 18:19:28 2006
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Hi Darren,

as far as I know, membrane boxes were developped for the use of savely
keeping the products of dental labs and were never intended to serve as
display boxes for us few crazy meteoriticists.

So you are comparing apples with oranges.

Perhaps it's cheaper to produce gem jars, perhaps membrane boxes have high
piece costs, cause there are less quantities produced.

I could imagine that a membrane box is somewhat more difficult to produce as
the membranes are thin and will teat appart more easy than the massive
plastic gem jars.

Membrane boxes are quite special and there exist no cheaper producer, so I
can't help you, sorry.
Would have to look on my old computer, which is not working anymore. I'm
buying them from a firm called Schmelzer and all comparable cheap offerors
ask the same or more. And as told, with shipping to US, the weak USD and
with bad luck some tax at customs - it wouldn't be cheaper than those from
(or shall I look for offerors where they cost much more than at Hartman's
for feeling you better?)


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>Huh, where is the problem?
>Hartman is taking for 100 microboxes 1.3$ each.

Meanwhile, I can buy gem jars for around 20 cents each. It's a matter of
I wouldn't worry about a $1 difference in price for something that cost
or $100. But at $10, it starts to be a factor, and the difference between
something that cost $1.30 and something that cost $0.20 and serves virtually
same purpose IS going to make a difference in my opinion. I'm not judging
price that the reseller has to charge, I'm judging the price the
charges. With gem jars, you have something that costs a few cents to make
sells for around 20 cents. With membrane boxes, you have something that
costs a
few cents to make and sells for over a dollar. That's my point-- price
by a monopoly single source.

>Wouldn't you make photos of those persons you love, because the albums to
>keep the photos are to expensive?

Not a good analogy. A better one is, would I buy a frame for the picture
company X at one price, or buy a frame made from the virtually the same
of virtually the same materials a different company for 5 or 6 times the
You might do that. I wouldn't. (And I haven't made a film-based photo in
3 years-- I've taken maybe 15,000 with my digital camera since then, and at
least 90 percent of them have never seen paper).
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