[meteorite-list] Elementary school presentation tips?

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Date: Tue Feb 14 11:01:26 2006
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Dear Gary, Anita, List;
As a veteran of a dozen or more meteorite show and tell lectures, some
with powerpoint (some with over a hundred people)....I see a little
twist that distresses me somewhat.....
Gettting directions, or ideas is a grand thing but...you will come
across much more genuinely authentic, and with
your own brand of enthuiasm if you use your own imagination to do a
"Tell me how to do a meteorite show"........... huh? How about wit,
humor, enthuiasm, and some specimens..maybe
add a little strewnfield and flight pattern information....pass around
meteorites and meteorwrongs.
Maybe one of the list members could invent a 30 minute video of
professional quality and sell it to those that need presentation
help. Take a class in public speaking then take up meteorite lecturing.
Here's a meteorite, buy Rocks From Space...short and concise lecture
that took 8 seconds... I think I see an ebay add coming soon: How to
conduct a meteorite education lecture....10 hot tips!
Dave Freeman

Anita D. Westlake wrote:

>Hi Gary:
> Could you share the good advice you've already received? We could all
>benefit from the shared wisdom of this group, and then we'll know better
>what to add.
> As far as lasting impressions, I always like to talk about Allende and
>how it's "pre-solar system" stuff! Talk about older than dirt...
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>Hi Everyone,
>Ron Wesel has been gracious to offer some samples of NWS to me for a couple
>of class
>presentations I will make on meteorites this coming month. I've been
>reading all the
>books and think I know it all now [HA!]
>Ron and a few others had some good advice [thanks everyone], but I wonder if
>anyone else
>can offer me some tips on making a good, lasting impression on 8 year olds.
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