[meteorite-list] Acapulcoites are the third most common meteorite type.

From: Martin Altmann <altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Feb 15 09:28:54 2006
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No, such strings are as old as the mountains - it's always the same tkw-,
number-salad-, pairing issue.

The old crux of all NWA-material, of which really each collector should be
And if a collector or a seller can't cope with that situation, he should
switch to the names or to the documented Oman finds.

We simply have to wait until or whether the pairings of the rare types will
onve be put together again.
Unfortunately there are so few collectors, imagine the IMCA had 40.000
paying members, then one could easily employ an experienced person to
compare thin sections ect, to lift the fog.
Easier would be, if, and that was new here, the sellers would more often
confess, as far as they know, that they took the quite same material from
the same source or from the same chain of sources, then one would had less
work in future.

To contribute smth constructive:

I feel this discussion, whether that a purchase find has 100grams or 10kg
with that rare type obsolete.
Old MacMartin dances the timewarp:
Do you know, what you had to spend in the period of 2000/2001, (that time,
when the first NWA-OCs came to market with 1.5$/g) for an acapulcoite?

For Acapulco you paid 1000-1200$/g
And for Monument Draw 650-1000$/g.
Ask Arnold, ask Elliott, ask Cintron.
Dhofar 125 wasn't out yet, no Acap was found among the SAHs, nor among the
early Libyan finds,
so if you wanted to have that type, you hadn't a choice.

So where the heck is the problem, when the Hupes offer it at 40$/g? Does it
really matters, whether the stone was fist sized or football sized?

Do you think you will have in 3 years still the chance to get that stuff so
dirt cheap?
Again, why you don't use the fine Meteoritical Database, it's free!

We have always to be aware of what we talking about!

There you'll find
nonantarctic acapulcoites

and 0.5kg antarctic acapulcoites.

>From the 22.3kg
There we have 9 NWA-numbers + now that number 2989, you are argueing about,

and here in the discussion we heard, that paired could be
2656-2699-2714-2866-2871-2989 and 1052-1054, so we may reduce the 10
NWA-numbers to 4 falls only or less, if someone would check NWA 3008, 2627,
- 725 is an own one.

4 Dhofars, where Dho 125 and 312 are paired. The other 2 I would have to

1 Superior Valley bogey of 1.7grams

Acapulco as single fall

Monument Draw

AND THAT'S ALL, folks!

The weights are also distributed quite unequal.

The supposedly paired NWA 2656 - 2699 - 2871
have alone 7.5kg - 1.294 - 3.47 together 12kg = more than half of all
Acap-material on Earth.

NWA 725 has 3.8kg
Dho 125 7.5kg
Acapulco 1.9kg

and all the rest are small, down to tiny stones.

So with my best will I can't understand, how someone seriously could attack
the Hupes, cause they sell their Acap as "Ultra rare"!
We have perhaps only a dozen (I'm to lazy to sort out the antactic pairings)
different ACAP falls in history and on Earth,
the weight of all material together is 23kg.
Why you all loose always sight of the greater context?

Well, back to comparing the stuff with diamonds (Yeeeehaaa Doug).
We have estimated 680,000kg of diamonds worth to be worked on,
And 23kg of acapulcoites.
The Hupes are selling at 40-50$/g and for a mediocre quality diamond,
brilliant cut smth around 100.000$+/g or so, I'm not a specialist.

And at least to the dealers involved in that discussion I have to say, how
can you be so incredible stupid!!!
You're throwing around with numbers, blaming each other to have same stuff
or not, telling this could be paired and this not,
all this without giving to the new collectors a frame, which would make the
ACAP-thing transparent.

Do you know, what Larry, Garry, Darry and Harry are thinking now after this
very discussion (indepently from the impressions of the individual posters
they got)?

They think, that acapulcoites aren't that special, they think the offerors
in general aren't honest, they think that acapulcoites must be common and
not rare
and they are thinking, that in Morocco there is waiting a diffuse amount of
ACAP of certainly some hundredweights waiting to enter the market.

Consequently they wont buy, even not at 40$, and in a few years, when they
will have more experience, then it will be to late, the rare types will be
much more expensive again,
thus they simply miss that opportunity now.

(and many thanks, that when we, da boyz, will have soon ready the
classification of our ACAP and we will offer them at 40$ for minute slices,
that then again only the veteran and experienced collectors will buy and not
the relatively new collectors, because they think, there is no hurry, the
stuff isn't rare and the price is to high and the Altmann want to convince
me, to buy unattractive crap and that I'll have to spend many days with
fighting against windmills).

Advice to the newer collectors:
Meteorites are not growing like mushrooms out of the ground.
Even with the desert rush, there weren't, there isn't and there won't be
unmanageable or huge quantities of meteorites. Go back in the list mails to
the short stats , which Grossman excerpted from all meteorites known,
including the Bulletins up to 2005, while the culmination of the desert rush
was in 2003 and the dryout since is more than evident. Meteorites are
nowadays and will stay the rarest matter on Earth.

To get a feeling how rare a type and how likely pairings of that type are,
please use the Bulletin-Database:
It is easy to run and it's for free.
Take with a rare types a look to the Antarctic finds, click at them, as in
most cases there are given the pairings. Take a look at the number of falls
and at the non-desert finds,
figure out from there the number of total previous falls (subsume the
and then you have a good clue or anticipation, how likely it is, that many
of the NWA-numbers of that type must be paired and to which extent they are

And don't be surprised, if you find it absolutely unbelievable, how
incredible rare some types are - that is the main essence of meteorites!


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Hello, all,

On the contrary, this string has been a genuine, interesting education!


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John and List,

>>This string is getting old.

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