[meteorite-list] Acapulcoites are the third most common meteoritetype.

From: stan . <laser_maniac_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Feb 15 12:32:29 2006
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>The supposedly paired NWA 2656 - 2699 - 2871
>have alone 7.5kg - 1.294 - 3.47 together 12kg = more than half of all
>Acap-material on Earth.

to clear things up - my 3.47kg is part of the 7.5kg written about in 2656

>NWA 725 has 3.8kg
>Dho 125 7.5kg
>Acapulco 1.9kg

NWA 725 is likely to actually a winonaite. I had Open University do o
isotopse on some paired material and it plots right on top of nwa 1463

>Why you all loose always sight of the greater context?
>Well, back to comparing the stuff with diamonds (Yeeeehaaa Doug).
>We have estimated 680,000kg of diamonds worth to be worked on,
>And 23kg of acapulcoites.
>The Hupes are selling at 40-50$/g and for a mediocre quality diamond,
>brilliant cut smth around 100.000$+/g or so, I'm not a specialist.

supply is irrelevant without demand. if we had debeers marketing meteorites
as THE way to show your love to a woman, I'd be one happy camper - that is
ofcourse the trend only took hold after I finished my type colelction at
todays prices ;)
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