[meteorite-list] Rust on iron meteorites : new method ?

From: Marcin Cimala <marcin_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Feb 18 12:07:50 2006
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> So I?m very sceptical!
> Ingo
> P.S. Let me know the results (also in a long time) Pierre.

This could be best example. Dronino.
My 5kg endpiece was cleaned in water and NaOH. Then it was cut on EDM and
cooled by mixture of water and oil (and slices usually lie in factory for 1
days before I take them). Then I etched them, clean in water, then in
They rust ? No.

Ofcourse not every meteorite is the same. My mundrabillas are stable but I
still have one endpiece that rust all the time. It was re-etched 3 times
now. Can't win. Small rust in the same 2 places. Just bad specimen.

Morasko "ruster" ? So why my 2 big endpieces without any protection are
stable ? I cleaned 5kg endpiece using electrochemical method for seweral
days (water + NaOH). Then clean in alcohol and secured by Balistol. The same
to slices cut from 6kg specimen. All was in cold room only with Balistol as
protection. Stable. And also was cut on EDM and cleaned in water after

And most of this specimens I have etched months ago. So Im sure that they
are stable and can guarante this.

Some years ago I was panicked when I must work with "rusters" like my 6kg
Nantan from eBay that I cut on my saw for 7 hours (in 2 days). It was all
the time in water becouse it can't be removed from saw before cutting end.
Status after 2 years ?
Stable. 100% on etched surface and 85% on "crust" surface. But it have
weathered rust outside and this is why there are bubbled of red water on
some places. Now Im woking on it to remove rust and make it pretty silver
from outside. But its stable. No rust, only drops of water.

So Im very calm in using water in meteorites. In a short time ( minutes).
Only sometimes hours are secured (f.e. cutting)

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