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From: Martin Altmann <>
Date: Sat Feb 25 13:00:43 2006
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I didn't get the question,
What Aubrites would be worth?
Most of them are available, look at the dealers pages.
I guess, cheapest should be Mt.Egerton, tataaah let's start discussion why
it's an AUB and not a mesosiderite.
Egerton should be obtainable at 15$/g in small pieces (at least I am selling
them at this price), with Egerton it's the same as with Tatahouine, the
larger the specimen, the higher the gram price.

No desert Aub?
What about Killgores NWA 2736 ?

Clueless Martin

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An aubrite would be a great choice I think since they are so rare. I am
curious to see what collectors would think they are worth per gram, known
falls, finds, any locality, including NWA (if a confirmed one were to be
I too am curious what Aubrites would be worth, especially Norton County,
that years of discovery in the hot deserts have yet to find a new one?
Obviously UNM has a big Norton County, but how much of that is actually out

side of their main mass and in private collections?
Steve Arnold
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