[meteorite-list] Prospectors, Scientists Vie for Rocks More Precious Than Gold (Meteorites)

From: stan . <laser_maniac_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Feb 27 03:02:24 2006
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LOL if Adam and I are in 100% agreement there MUST be something to said
about the issue. I strongly suggest members of the hobby start writting
letters to authors or editors of these sort of articles

>I think 20% or 20 grams is pretty generous. Some dealers exceed this
>expectation and others don't. The ones that don't should be forced to
>or lose official status on their stones.

incase anyone wasnt aware the 20 grams or 20% rule isnt an actual rule but a
guideline. If you are simply unwilling to provide the required amount shop
around for labs to classify the material. say you get a wickedly orientated
rock that you suspect to be martian - it's 99% crusted and you dont want to
cut into the flow lines int he front or the bubbling crust on the back. Find
a researcher who is willing to do the work and when they submit the
classification they can simply apeal to the nomcom to waive the type
specimin deposit requirement. If it's a choice between securing what is
avalible of a valuble meteorite for science and meeting some arbitrary
donation threshold the right thing to do should be obvious. I wouldnt
suggest that this proceedure should be abused, but in some rare cases it
simply doesnt make sense to cut a meteorite to satisfy some guideline.
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