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Date: Fri Sep 8 00:08:17 2006
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?are not simply numbers in a global catalog?,

right Paul,
and that's why Henry Ward set this wordings on the beginning of the preface
of the Catalogue of the Ward-Coonley Collection (Chicago, 1900).


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Betreff: Re: Is it all wonder and awe?

Thank you for sharing!?
This passage bespeaks of a feeling that many of us have experienced....a
feeling of awe and, of appreciation.? The many?meteorite specimens?of which
we are guardians, are not simply numbers in a global catalog. They are
evidence of an existence outside our own world.....proof that we reside
within a living, fluid universe.? These exemplars of rock and iron remind us
that our own existence......our presence on this?planet?"potential meteor"
we call Earth,?is not as much dependent on our?determination as it is on
"luck".? Lend an eye to the heavens, and your heart to the Earth.
Best regards,
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