[meteorite-list] COMCAST problems

From: MexicoDoug <MexicoDoug_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Sep 26 20:30:55 2006
Message-ID: <002001c6e1cb$f9808d00$1cce5ec8_at_0019110394>

Hello friends with List-related ISP complaints,

ISP's (like any utility/monopoly) have got to be the Nemesis of the
Internet. A quick review of AOLs history and you can see that Comcast is a
pleasurable walk in the park.

My suggestion: I think it is the practical answer to minimizing stress from
ISP's. It won't allow you the adrenaline rush of telling Comcast (insert
your favorite foe), etc. to bug off ... but it will make you independent of
them and prepared for the moment you do truly get fed up and dump them
because of high prices or billing abuse.

1) Establish an email account on one of the free services (hotmail.com,
AIM.com, gmail, etc.) Protect the privacy of your personal information as
best as you can.
2) Use MS Outlook Express (free with free IE, easy to use, and convenient
anyway if you have more than one email account)
3) Don't use your ISP for any email. They are now a simple commodity to
plug into, and don't have you by the throat holding your email address
hostage to ISP changes when you decide.
4) Abra Cadabra! You no longer have problems with the Met list. You have
any and all of your email in the same place, including the providers that
you previously dumped all searchable right in one place. (friendly AOL has
a proprietary format to insure you lose your saved email if you leave -
there is an effective work around, contact me if you want to know it)

If you want a personalized "business" email address like
RockitMe_at_andromeda.com and not be just another gmailed yahoo, establish (or
use) your website and set it to forward everything automatically to your
yahoo, gmail, hotmail, AIM, etc. address.

Another option are low fee quality pay forwarding services with IMAP
protocol, e.g., http://www.lessig.org/blog/archives/000834.shtml , that have
no advertising and expanded mail control functions. You still may need
Outlook, Outlook Express, or non-Microsoft nice products like Eudora,
Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

Now, when Confast, AOWell, HellSmouth, etc. really go over the line, pull
the plug with no stress, hostages or lost email. But don't be hot-headed
about it. All ISPs eventually seem to degrade and the grass isn't
necessarily much greener on the other side of the fence.

Best wishes, Doug

Eric wrote:
> My suggestion--as the folks in the article cited by Darren suggest--is
> if you want to receive email, then get a different ISP than Comcast.
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