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Dear List,
I am not denigrating Matteo and I have no axe to grind with Europeans in
My observation is that M produces flames of the first order but I can't
quite tease out the subtleties. Heck, sometimes the main parts elude me. In order
to more deeply appreciate his invective I asked the List about a "Matteo
Translator." It's clear now that what's required is a
Bable-Fish-English-to-Actual-English translator, so too bad for me.
I'll keep studying his posts and maybe with enough practice they will become
more transparent. Matteo - flame on!
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>Giovanni lascia perdere, qui ? normale se uno non ? un
>professore di lingue, venga preso in giro...sopratutto da
>certi personaggi qui presenti in questa lista piuttusto
>degrinatori nel confronto degli europei

>From Sterling K. Webb

>With Dictionary in hand, my best guess:
>Giovanni forgets himself. Here it is normal that, if one is not a
>university professor of languages, criticism and teasing will
>come from all around. Above all else, certain persons who
>frequent this List would rather denigrate and confront all

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