[meteorite-list] Easter gift to the list. SAH 99555 Angrite XpolMicrographs from Tom

From: Gerald Flaherty <grf2_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2007 12:58:01 -0400
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Tom, you have so perfected this technique to provide us with a window where
question leads to question ad infinitum.
The metal blebs in NWA 3159 _at_ 1600x are exquisite in their detail.
The colors are a patchwork of unmatched beauty in their irrisitable
Jerry Flaherty
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Subject: [meteorite-list] Easter gift to the list. SAH 99555 Angrite
XpolMicrographs from Tom

> Hi List, I have a bunch of Easter colors for you to check out. Jeff
> Hodges
> has provided me some more unbelievable thin sections to image and, of
> course, I had to start with the Angrite. It is a beautiful polished thin
> of SAH
> 99555.
> I have picked two sets of six, the first taken at 160X and the second at
> 400X, both in cross polarized transmitted (pass through) light. The
> Angrite are
> to glassy to get good reflected light images but I'll keep at it.
> I'll send this set in an email to whoever emails me and asks. I do this
> because I don't want to just start sending image files to people who are
> not
> interested. It will be embedded in the email through AOL so no need to
> worry
> about attached file downloads (Those always make me nervous if I don't
> know who
> sent them).
> If you look at them and like them, please post to the list. I am trying
> to
> raise awareness of my micrograph Gallery
> http://www.meteorite.com/meteorite-gallery/ and some positive comments
> might encourage others to take a look.
> Thanks, Tom Phillips
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