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From: Jerry A. Wallace <jwal2000_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 00:22:46 -0500
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Hi Robert,

I used to have a nice little marble collection, but then I lost all my
So I next took up collecting space rocks, a natural transition. I've been
confused ever since so your letters make perfect sense to me.

But Ruben definitely has a good idea. Just lick, stick, then stand back and
admire. I could handle that. Move over Ruben, I think I'll join you.

Loved the picture..."Parates of the Mojave." Arrrgh.


Robert Verish wrote:
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> Re Nevada picture of the day / Reply to Ruben Garcia
> Ruben Garcia meteoritemall at yahoo.com
> Mon Apr 9 16:08:07 EDT 2007
> I'm retiring from meteorite hunting, I think stamp
> collecting would be less trouble.
> Ruben Garcia
> Phoenix, Arizona
> ------------ End of Original Message -------------
> Apologies to the List,
> I had no idea that my post would have this kind of an
> effect on the reader.
> Who knows how many countless numbers of people have
> turned themselves away from a hobby in meteorites
> because of my articles! Just a few more of my posts
> and soon it will be only me and Chicago Steve on this
> List?
> Ruben, you should be thankful that we never carpooled
> together out to Willcox Playa. Can you imagine me
> going on and on for hours about provisional numbering?
> You'd be lucky if you didn?t end up like some of my
> ?Team Members? below:
> http://albums.mouseplanet.com/MouseAdventure060430/x003.sized.jpg
> Arrrghh! We be plunderin? the Mohave Desert, fur
> shor? matey!
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