[meteorite-list] This is the funniest meteorite dealer I'veseen?

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Anne wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what "SM-30 magnetic
> susceptibility mean log X" is?

    According to:
    "The instrument used for the measurements is the
SM-30 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter, (TERRAPLUS
USA INC. 625 Valley Road Littleton, Colorado
80124). It operates at a frequency of 9 kHz with measurement
times of 5s for basic mode and 8s for drift
correction modes. The meter contains an oscillator
with a pickup coil. The frequency of the oscillator
depends on the distance of the meter from rock. The
change in frequency is proportional to the amount of
susceptibility of the rock. To find out the change it is
necessary to measure the oscillator frequency twice.
The pick-up step or first measurement is held near the
rock. The compensation step or second measurement is
carried out when the meter is held away from the rock
(free air measurement)."

    Certain values of "log X" demonstrate the presence
of metal. I presume that X is the magnetic susceptibility
as measured by the SM-30.

    At first I thought "This Mars meteorite has Paranormal
magnetic properties with organic, and amino acids. OXYGEN
ISOTOPES on Starchasers Exhibit 11 performed on Thermo
Finnigan Delta Plus is d18 O 4.55 d17 O 2.49 direct match
for Mars Oxygen Isotopes plotts" was PURE goobledegook, but:
shows The Finnigan Delta Plus XP Mass Spectrometer in
all its stable isotope flinging glory.

    I'll bet this guy wasted a tremendous amount of cash on
analysis of these worthless rocks. The tests would be quite
useful IF they were meteorites, but they're still just Field
Stones. Check out Gallery II.

    Now, there's an unusual meteorite!

    What I cannot explain is his meteorite's "paranormal"
properties! Can it read your mind? Well, maybe he means

Sterling K. Webb
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No, he is not an IMCA member.
Can anyone tell me what "SM-30 magnetic susceptibility mean log X" is?

And BTW, the IMCA Board reserves the right to ask that any suspect
meteorite, presented to be a Meteorite by an IMCA member, be analyzed by a
Lab of the
Board's choosing. And it has happened.


Anne M. Black
IMPACTIKA at aol.com
President, I.M.C.A. Inc.

In a message dated 4/9/2007 10:37:40 P.M. Mountain Standard Time,
kerchner420 at yahoo.com writes:
Hello everyone,
I was looking around the internet and came across this link, I think you
will get a kick out of it. these are supposed to be meteorites, they do not
resemble meteorites. But he Guarantees these to be authentc. sure hope is
not an IMCA member.

Joe Kerchner
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