[meteorite-list] This is the funniest meteorite dealer I'veseen?

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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 09:03:54 -0500
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"Can anyone tell me what "SM-30 magnetic susceptibility mean log X" is?"


Dear Anne, List,

This of course is Michel Franco's favorite system for screening meteorites,
especially for screening out H-chondrites. Michel has done a great job of a
compact explanation of this concept for practical screening of meteorites at
his at the above link and there is a convenient graph where you can see how
all the classifications range on this scale. He has also provided the
original links of the work of researchers for your perusal, including Pierre
Rochette and J?r?me Gattacceca.

When this dazed and confused Starchasers person says:
"SM-30 Magnetic Susceptibility on this meteorite has a Mean Log X of 4.50
which is just out of the range for C/M's, and is more in the range of a CI
from Mars !"

He probably has seen the graph because it is true about CM (3.5 < log[X] <
4.4) and CI (4.5 < log[X] < 4.9), but the SNC's don't plot there. So that's
apparently how he juggles it into being from Mars., boldly proclaims it a CI
from Mars - since he obviously is rather fixated on Mars.

Best wishes and Great Health,
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