[meteorite-list] Kalahari 008 and weathering

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Date: 19 Apr 2007 16:41:09 UT
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Randy Korotev kindly wrote:

"... but most brecciated lunar meteorites do contain grains of metal"

Hello Randy and List,

Just a few examples:

1. DaG 262 contains metal particles (5-26 wt% Ni)
2. Lunar Soil 68501 contains metal*
3. DaG 400 contains metal that occurs in clusters associated with some troilite
4. DaG 996 contains FeNi
5. Dhofar 025 contains FeNi as an accessory mineral
6. Dhofar 301 contains FeNi metal (7-48 wt%Ni)
7. Sayh al Uhaymir 169 contains metallic iron

*BECKER R.H. et al. (1994) Solar Wind Noble Gases and Nitrogen in Metal from
Lunar Soil 68501 (Meteoritics 29-5, 1994, 724): The "clean" metal consisted primarily
of more or less shiny spherical grains, which are presumed to be droplets formed from
impact-produced melt ...

Best wishes,


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