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Just investigating going to Ensisheim this year and wondered if anyone
had any extra tips, recommendations, timetables of events, must sees etc
that would help a first timer...in addition to the info below.

Graham Ensor, nr Barwell UK

Zelimir.Gabelica at uha.fr wrote:

> Dear List,
> The circular describing the 8th international meteorite show ?
> Ensisheim 2007 ? is ready. You can find it at the following web site
> (from next Monday April 16 on):
> http://meteorite.ensisheim.free
> I can also provide the circular (in English or French) by mail, on
> request.
> The main characteristics/changes/warnings? of the 2007 editions are
> (among) the following:
> Dates:
> June 16 and 17, 2007 (week-end preceding the St Marie mineral show).
> Friday 15 is the ?dealers day?.
> 2007 theme:
> Meteorites: weird shapes, internal beauties.
> Illustrated by a dual lecture on Saturday by Z. Gabelica (?odd
> morphologies??) & R. Warin (?Thin sections: open windows to
> cosmology?) as well as by the usual permanent thematic exhibit:
> ?meteorite samples involving unusual external shapes and strange
> sections? from private collections??
> (btw: we still need samples for display. Please contact me off list).
> Alain Carion will exhibit in a side-window of the museum, in preview,
> a fragment of the new French meteorite ?Saint-Ouen-en-Champagne?.
> This is our ?wild card??
> On Sunday, Nico Mettler (Winterthur, CH) will describe his recent
> 1000+ km expedition through the Great Sand Sea desert (Lybia-Egypt)
> in search for Lybian Desert Glass (LDG) samples, through a lecture
> entitled ?LDG: a quest for an enigma?.
> The Regency walls will be decorated by original drawings of our young
> artists, featuring ?Meteorite hunting in hot deserts? (a contest).
> Friday PARTY:
> As in 2006 a dinner-party (absolutely unavoidable!) is again
> scheduled on Friday June 15 (from 19:00) at ?La Couronne? hotel, in
> their outside resort (as in 2006, we have asked the weather to
> co-operate...).
> Party can end any time.
> Two special meals are proposed, 25 euro, everything included, except
> beverage (hey, if beverage were included, bankrupt of ?La Couronne?
> guaranteed!).
> Everybody (organizers, dealers, close friends, ?loose? friends,
> relatives, related?) attending (or not) the enthroning ceremonies and
> the ?friendly drink? that follows (Friday late afternoon, about
> 18:00), is welcome!
> Fun guaranteed! (Ask the 70+ last year participants!).
> And ask for a wake-up call if you don?t want to miss the start of the
> ?meteorite hot rush? the next morning?
> Other meals:
> Saturday and Sunday lunches (served at ?La Couronne?) and the
> Saturday dinner (traditional ?roasted wild boar? served on the main
> ?dancing? square) will now be prepared by the team of cooks from ?La
> Couronne?. Friendly prices (17.5 euro for a complete menu) were
> negotiated.
> If you want the special vintage ?Ensisheim-Meteorite 1492? Pinot Gris
> to accompany your meals, it can be permanently available at its tag
> price.
> The Guardians Confraternity is still permanently providing all other
> traditional snacks, including the very popular ?tarte flamb?e?
> (alsacian pie), all served outside, on the main square (or inside the
> sun-protected tent, - rain is neither invited nor envisaged).
> All the other activities on the main square (beer, wine sale, beer,
> tee shirts, beer?) are maintained.
> Accomodation:
> Besides the 3 traditional hotels (Couronne, Niemerich, Cheval Blanc),
> the brand new hotel ?Le Domaine du Moulin? is now open. It has the
> ?La Couronne? standard (4 stars) and is as close to the "Regency"
> (200 m ? or more, depending on how thirsty you were during the
> parties?).
> I haven?t visited it yet but heard that a double room, breakfast
> included, costs around 70-75 euro, a reasonable price even with the
> stronger euro).
> 5 new ?brothers?.
> This year, Anne Black (US), Reiner Bartoschewitz (D, Gifhorn
> organizer) & wife, Alex Seidel (D) and Serge Neunlist (F, our
> university president and?new meteorite lover) will become the new
> Guardians.
> (Gosh, I have the feeling having forgotten someone?)
> What is maintained in 2007:
> Table prices, entrance fee (4 euro for adults), table number (limited
> to 55) and their positions in rooms, reservation procedure (just
> write me!) and contacts. Also?Marcin?s cutting saw on the main square.
> And the FUNNY (crazy ?) characteristic and ever smiling ambience, of
> course!
> What is not maintained:
> Just meteorites sold in 2006.
> Thus much, much new and hot (or cold!) stuff! I bet some of the
> beauties to be offered are yet to be found?.We expect a great 2007
> ?vintage?!
> Ensisheim meteorite repositories:
> My recently updated compilation of Ensisheim meteorite repositories
> will be distributed to all participants.
> (hey, it is more than time to provide me the kilos you have hidden in
> your collection!)
> Warning:
> Many people did already reserve their tables by mail. I will now be
> starting compiling their requests and finalize their places.
> HOWEVER, as I had several periods of mail troubles, may I ask
> everyone who did already reserve a table in the past, to CONFIRM
> THEIR RESERVATION (mail) once again from now on ?
> This is easier for me to handle, and safer for you.
> We still have free tables. I recommend you don?t reserve too late!
> And our former guests who did not yet send their traditional ?hello?,
> are urgently requested to confirm (or cancel) their wish to keep
> their usual tables at their favourite place.
> Web sites:
> You note that a new private web site (see above) was just created (a
> couple of days ago). The site of ?ville-ensisheim?, still mentioned
> on the circular, will again be fully operating soon.
> Very soon also you may find all the info related to the 2007 show at
> the web site of Nick Gessler (UCLA), with whom close contacts are
> maintained.
> Memories:
> My strong wish is to dedicate this 2007 edition to those people who
> recently had health problems that perturbed their meteorite passion.
> Here I mean Joel Schiff, Walter (and Rebekah) Branch, Iris Lang,
> Walter Zeitschel and a few others (I have not here my complete list).
> I hope our thoughts will help them to recover even more promptly.
> And I also wish we all bear in our memories the late Rolf B?hler,
> outstanding meteorite lover and personal friend of many of us, me
> included. Rolf deceased 2 years ago but the sad news just came a few
> weeks ago?.
> Well, that?s about all folks.
> There is much more to be said but I prefer you now ask specific
> questions.
> My last wish is that Ensisheim, just as all the other, at least as
> famous shows or events closely or subtly related to our beloved
> meteorites (Gifhorn, Tucson, Santa Mesa, Munich, Ste Marie?.) bring
> to all of us again passion, fun,
> meteorite faith (Ruben, Sonny?never loose it!) and friendship (you
> want my secret, though probably completely unrealistic dream ?...it
> is to see Mike and Mateo drinking a beer together one year in
> Ensisheim?...even if not at the same table!).
> Best wishes,
> Zelimir
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