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From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 15:00:26 -0700 (PDT)
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> Hi,
> Just investigating going to Ensisheim this year and
> wondered if anyone
> had any extra tips, recommendations, timetables of
> events, must sees etc
> that would help a first timer...in addition to the
> info below.
Me and my meteorite mom (MARILYNSOFFERINGS on ebay)
have a european vacation planned and will most likely
be at Ensisheim (And St Marie a week later). I am
hoping (Unless the moroccans give me to many hassles
as I do have 900 kilos of meteorites in morocco right
now that I am piking up in st marie) that I wont be
selling and will just be socializing and enjoying the
If you go you want to go to St marie the next weekend
and if you havent been in that area before there are a
lot of nice small old style towns that is worth
visiting and off the main tourists areas that you can
go see between the two shows.
A car is a must (Probably cheaper to rent in amsterdam
or paris than in germany or switzerland) and hotel
rooms are hard to get (And probably overpriced). A
few people bring a camper van to ensisheim but from
either st marie or ensisheim 30 euro a night hotels
are probably easily available within a 20 minute
drive. This might screw up your drinking though - and
the ensisheim show organizers puts of a really nice
party during the show. The specially made wine is
great and keeps you coming back for more but the
meteor beer sucks so stay away from the meteor tent.
(And Zelimir, if you have wild boar again this year I
am making a special request for the tongue - a
delacacy that I have learned to like from having a
philippino wife where it is a specialty).
It is a nice area of europe and off the tourist route
so being there with a car makes the shows a good time
to visit the area.
Shipping from the area is a bitch but if there are any
overseas dealers going who will be shipping hundreds
of kilos of stuff and who have shipping problems email
me off list and I probably have a company that will
take care of your shipping needs.
AMUNRE on ebay

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