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Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 19:48:48 -0500
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Hello Steve and List,

I would have to say NWA 4468 Primitive Shergottite would be my own personal
"Holy Grail" of Martian meteorites, not only because it is so fresh and
beautiful, but because of the pure hell I had to go through to retrieve it
from Western Sahara. You can read the story in the November 2006 issue of
Meteorite Magazine, image on the cover as well :-)

Click here for a 3D video 7MB (may take a couple minutes to load on your

Click here for a photo of a full slice:


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> Hi again list.With all the martain meteorites out
> there,I was wondering.What is the holy grail of all
> martain meteorites?ZAGAMI?LAFAYETTE?Any of the
> NWA'S?The DAG'S?DHOFARS?ALH 84001?I thought this might
> be a good thread to start.While I was at the bank last
> week,I was organizing my other collection and I was
> wondering what is the holy grail of martains?I have a
> 6.3 gram slice of D. A. G. 476 as my only martain.So
> it brought the above question.Any comments will be
> excitingly awaited.
> steve arnold,chicago
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