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Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 13:05:11 +0100
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Hello all,

Funny enough, Wolfram von Eschenbach writes in his "Parzival" that the grail
is a stone!

Well, we'd say, if one wants to follow the conception of those grail epics,
the grail of the Martian meteorites should be either an unobtainable
(especially deliberately unaccessible) or a true wonder.

For the first case, certainly ALH 84001 is the grail,
for the second, and finally for the collector's world not so depressing, as
it is accessible,
is our personal martian grail, the in all aspects fantastic main mass of NWA


Due to its shape, like a solifidication from a painting from Picasso, we
call it

Martin & Stefan

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> Michael....... ALH84001 has certainly caused a lot of discussion over the
> years. Proof that life once existed on Mars, yes or no ? I would like to
> inform you that NWA 998 is described as containing ankeritic carbonates.
> One other meteorite has been described in this manner ----- ALH84001
> ALH84001 is not available to private collectors but NWA 998 is:
> http://www.nwa998.com/
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>> Hi Steve,
>> This question can only be properly answered by addressing
>> It at several levels:
>> In theory, one that PROVES life on Mars does or did exist.
>> Of those known to exist, ALH84001 would, of course, be the "Holy
>> Grail" of the known Martians.
>> Of those that are (at least theoretically) available, Chassigny is,
>> By far, the rarest, making it the "Holy Grail" of available Martians.
>> Hope that clears it up, Steve.
>> Best wishes, Michael
>> on 12/9/07 7:42 AM, steve arnold at stevenarnold60120 at yahoo.com wrote:
>> > Hi again list.With all the martain meteorites out
>> > there,I was wondering.What is the holy grail of all
>> > martain meteorites?ZAGAMI?LAFAYETTE?Any of the
>> > NWA'S?The DAG'S?DHOFARS?ALH 84001?I thought this might
>> > be a good thread to start.While I was at the bank last
>> > week,I was organizing my other collection and I was
>> > wondering what is the holy grail of martains?I have a
>> > 6.3 gram slice of D. A. G. 476 as my only martain.So
>> > it brought the above question.Any comments will be
>> > excitingly awaited.
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