[meteorite-list] (AD) ebay and the dragon

From: Mr EMan <mstreman53_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 16:08:26 -0800 (PST)
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Steve you say that several People talked you out of selling it???
Oh.....I see....Gosh I was so wrong on that one. I thought that you
canceled the auction just because the bid hadn't gotten over $181. I
am so delighted that you cleared that up for us.

Are any of those that you talked to about pulling the auction willing
to clarify their advice on the list? I think that is a great thread
for you to introduce.

You also might help us to understand why it went on eBay in the first
place since you assured me when I asked that you would never place it
on eBay. And after you reached this decision to not eBay-it...why did
you put it back up with buy it now? AND isn't it fraud to pull the
auction on the grounds that it "is no longer available for sale" then
relist it for a higher price? If I had bid on it and you pulled such a
stunt on me I'd have you off eBay forever. (Which is where you should
be in relation to this list since you can't keep it honest) Maybe you
just can't count--you were going to run the auction for 10 days but
canceled it after 3?

Steve you are so busted again. Frankly, I doubt that you will even
attempt to explain yourself but I raise some real holes in your story.
Do you have a moral reservation "against" telling the truth or keeping
your word? I am reminded of a story someone once told about the nature
of a scorpion...

Elton aka Eman
Self-proclaimed Myth Buster.
Busted Steve Myths include:
Save my marriage sale. Sell $3000 and buy $4500 in same period.
Dragon on eBay not on eBay, on ebay, not on eBay....
Never Sell Haag stone--NOT
Selling Gold Basin on eBay which was given to you when you begged.
Rant on Australian Meteorite you should never have bid on
and my personal favorite
Bury my mother-in-law sale.

Plus 100's more in my upcoming book.

--- steve arnold <stevenarnold60120 at yahoo.com> wrote:
Yes I did have the DRAGON SIKOTE-ALIN ON ebay,but
> after talking to a few people,this is one of the most
> unique pieces in sikote-alin history.I am not going to
> let it go.I will bring with me to Tucson to show off
> to those who have not seen this wonder. But never to be
> seen on ebay again. To me this is the steal of the
> year.
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