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Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 16:36:53 -0700
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Hello all
I found out this last week that Dr Nininger had lived in Sedona. My question
is does anyone know why he picked Sedona? Was it the beauty of the red
rocks or the so called healing powers in the area. Or did he find a
Meteorite in the area. The Hollywood crowd has for years made this their
playground and it might have been for the marketing aspect. My wife and I
moved to Sedona in 1995 and we had no idea what a Vortex was and maybe for
about a half second thought it was a Vortec that I used to fly point to
point with as a student pilot back when. Working on the street in the uptown
area selling Biplane rides I watched and witnessed the strange affects
Sedona had on the some of the tourists. Almost everyday someone, mostly all
women, would be having a good cry on one of 2 benches in front of my stand.
When asked if there was something we could do for them most said they were
just so happy or could not describe what had come over them. After awhile I
started asking if they had visited or knew of the Vortex areas in Sedona.
Odd most had no idea what a Vortex was but had taken a tour by one. I will
write a story on this phenomena someday. Anyway I lived about 50 to 100
yards from the old museum and never knew of its existence in Sedona.until
this week. In 1997 I heard about the Geminids shower about to happen and
found myself in the yard warming up the car to take my wife to work at
daybreak. I watched the sky to the northeast and witnessed a Meteor enter
the atmosphere leaving a smoke trail that lasted for 20 min. First time I
had ever seen a smoke trail in all my years in the outdoors. To make this
real short I purchased a $50 Bounty Hunter in Flagstaff a few months later.
My granddaughter visited and we took a hike with the detector to some caves
we had close to the rim country. Along the way I turned the detector on and
while working my way up the mountain it went off big time. We started
digging with a stick (no shovel with us) and came up with an object about 4"
in the red soil. Heavily rusted and would now guess the weight at 200 to
300grms and indeed probably an Iron.
I placed the piece in my storage unit and we moved to Bullhead City in 2000.
In the last few months I have had the Easter Egg hunt of a life time. I
searched the unit to my best before my daughter moved it to eastern Az and
she continues to look but has not been through all the stuff. I met Robert
Ward in Bullhead and visited with him while cleaning and cutting irons to
know what a rusty very old space rock looks like. This brings the story full
circle to the question why Dr. Nininger was in Sedona? I know one thing
Sedona is a Magical place.
Did he ever find a Meteorite there. Guess I should read more but I prefer to
hunt and marvel.
Happy Holidays
Wayne Holmes
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