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Hi Wayne & list
I know that Nininger had to move his museum from Winslow as the new
Interstate 40 was going to by-pass his museum (an obvious death blow
to an already struggling museum). I believe that he discusses the
reason for the move to Sedona in his book Find a Falling Star.
Unfortunately I don't have time to look it up right now. But I do know
that he did not find a meteorite in the area.
I also visited his museum in Sedona a couple of years ago. Here is a
postcard showing the original museum;
Here is an image that shows how it looks today;

For the other list members you might be interested to know it has been
converted into a motel so if you want you might be able to sleep in
the old museum.


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On Dec 16, 2007 4:36 PM, wayne holmes <holmesw at frontiernet.net> wrote:
> Hello all
> I found out this last week that Dr Nininger had lived in Sedona. My question
> is does anyone know why  he picked Sedona? Was it the beauty of the red
> rocks or the so called healing powers in the area. Or did he find a
> Meteorite in the area. The Hollywood crowd has for years made this their
> playground and it might have been for the marketing aspect. My wife and I
> moved to Sedona in 1995 and we had no idea what a Vortex was and maybe for
> about a half second thought it was a Vortec that I used to fly point to
> point with as a student pilot back when. Working on the street in the uptown
> area selling Biplane rides I watched and witnessed the strange affects
> Sedona had on the some of the tourists. Almost everyday someone, mostly all
> women, would be having a good cry on one of 2 benches in front of my stand.
> When asked if there was something we could do for them most said they were
> just so happy or could not describe what had come over them. After awhile I
> started asking if they had visited or knew of the Vortex areas in Sedona.
> Odd most had no idea what a Vortex was but had taken a tour by one. I will
> write a story on this phenomena someday. Anyway I lived about 50 to 100
> yards from the old museum and never knew of its existence in Sedona.until
> this week. In 1997 I heard about the Geminids shower about to happen and
> found myself in the yard warming up the car to take my wife to work at
> daybreak. I watched the sky to the northeast and witnessed a Meteor enter
> the atmosphere leaving a smoke trail that lasted for 20 min. First time I
> had ever seen a smoke trail in all my years in the outdoors. To make this
> real short I purchased a $50 Bounty Hunter in Flagstaff a few months later.
> My granddaughter visited and we took a hike with the detector to some caves
> we had close to the rim country. Along the way I turned the detector on and
> while working my way up the mountain it went off big time. We started
> digging with a stick (no shovel with us) and came up with an object about 4"
> in the red soil. Heavily rusted and would now guess the weight at 200 to
> 300grms and indeed probably an Iron.
> I placed the piece in my storage unit and we moved to Bullhead City in 2000.
> In the last few months I have had the Easter Egg hunt of a life time. I
> searched the unit to my best before my daughter moved it to eastern Az and
> she continues to look but has not been through all the stuff. I met Robert
> Ward in Bullhead and visited with him while cleaning and cutting irons to
> know what a rusty very old space rock looks like. This brings the story full
> circle to the question why Dr. Nininger was in Sedona? I know one thing
> Sedona is a Magical place.
> Did he ever find a Meteorite there. Guess I should read more but I prefer to
> hunt and marvel.
> Happy Holidays
> Wayne Holmes
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