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Hi Pete:

One other possiblity: Capture! Think about SL/9. I suspect that for the
Earth/Moon system, this is not a very likely situation. Jupiter is much
larger (with greater gravity) and objects "passing by" Jupiter will be
going much slower than they would pass by Earth.


On Wed, December 19, 2007 2:08 pm, Peter A Shugar wrote:
> Hello list,
> Stated in it's smplest terms, the near miss will preturb the oribital
> parametersof the smaller body way more than the much larger earth. Yes
> !!!!!
> However-----
> The only way that the object will come back to haunt our placid life here
> on earth is IF the orbital parameter dealing in TIME is precisely the same
> time, (or some whole number multiple), or a fraction of the earth's orbit.
> (The earths year and the
> objects year or period of rotation must be the same.) Then and only then
> will we need to worry but I rather doubt the orbits of any near miss
> objects have this particular orbital parameter. One last thought, I do not
> have the computer facilites to research this, but a near miss by an object
> with an oddball timed orbit MAY have the errors add up or subtract so that
> it COULD come back to haunt us, but I doubt we will be around to worry
> about it. So--------
> Pete
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