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Global Warming is not the issue. Causes, including human, continue to be
Jerry Flaherty
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>> PS - Barringer crater is a mile across, not a
>> kilometer, as I wrote earlier. Thus, assuming neutrons
>> are released in impact, and that this results in
>> higher C14, then from the radio-calibration correction
>> charts Firestone cited, the mammoth peperrer impact
>> crater, should it still exist, should be less than a
>> mile across.
> My understanding is it is much closer to .8 mi in diameter.
> That is a very significant difference in area.
> Best wishes, Michael
> PS: If you want a lesson in denial, read the archives on the
> HUGE number of list members regarding the denial of
> Global Warming. And this is a list consisting of people
> WAY above average in both intelligence and educational
> Achievement.
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