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From: Jason Utas <meteoritekid_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2007 05:28:25 -0800
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Hola All,
1) Thanks Darren, and others who messaged me in private.
2) Pete,
By making such a message public, you most certainly meant it to be
offensive; otherwise, you would have addressed it privately. You
meant for everyone to see it, whether or not you gave the post
adequate thought before posting it...

That said, what I've been saying all along is that one simply can't
draw solid conclusions from a *lack of evidence.*
I haven't had any premeditated ideas about what caused these dust
layers/extinctions. I openly admitted several times that I have no
bloody idea what did it. I do, however, know some statistics, as well
as physics, both of which point towards certain scenarios being either
highly unlikely or, physically speaking, impossible.
I'm not saying that certain events didn't necessarily happen. In most
cases, it's easy enough to say that the observed effects do not match
a given possibility for what did, according to E.P., occur.

My issue isn't with such events occurring (unless we're talking about
a 1km body vaporizing like Tunguska, because, in terms of physics, I
simply don't see why such a body would vaporize before striking the
ground), but rather with the fact that he isn't looking at evidence
objectively, and also isn't being open-minded when it comes to all of
the possible scenarios that could create the observed geologic

Because of a lack of solid evidence for any conclusion at this point
in time, simply put, no firm conclusions can be drawn.
And you call me biased....maybe to the 'theory' that KE = 1/2mv^2, I suppose.
I've only been arguing based on impact dynamics and known facts.
E.P., in case you didn't notice, was the one pulling airbursts and
craters out from 'twixt his cheeks.
Admittedly, some of what I said could probably have been
better-explained, and I did mix-up 30 degrees from horizontal vs
vertical, but even Sterling made some mistakes in the discussion; it's
complex stuff that not many of us deal with on a day-to-day basis, and
as such, I'm of the opinion that ideas should be thrown around - with
the general acceptance that such ideas are nothing more than theory
and are in no way to be called 'facts.' Because saying that would be

I love how you refer to me in the third-person as well...I find

Merry Christmas,

On Dec 24, 2007 7:35 PM, Peter A Shugar <pshugar at clearwire.net> wrote:
> It was not meant to offensive, but more of a comment on his stubborn refusal
> to look at tons of evidence that is so contrary to only his view. Or put this way,
> Jason against the world. If you can't convince the world to adopt your way of
> seeing things, then maybe it's time for you to change your views. This "the whole
> world but me is wrong" is a refusal to adapt and mayhap even learn something.
> Just watching and reading the MANY comments has given me a education I never
> could have afforded to go to college for.
> I do not want to sound as if I am a know-it-all because I am not. I want to learn, so
> when I bring my meteorite collection to school, I can make a presentation that will both
> instruct and inspire the kids to want to learn more. In order to do this I need to be
> willing
> to CHANGE MY MIND when the facts don't fit my way of thinking. This means to change
> the way I view the theory instead of trying to make the theory fit my point of view.
> If I can not adapt to this new theory, then I will admit to being two tacos and a
> burrito
> short of a combination plate myself. In addition, I will admit to being a stubborn old
> Coot.
> .I will apologize to the extent that I didn't mean to hurt him, but maybe to jar him
> into listening
> and becoming more rational in his reasoning.
> Pete
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