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Hi Mike -

One problem here is that we don't know where in Alaska
or Siberia these fossils come from. (Firestone's team
or the Calgary shop owners might know where the
Alaskan tusks were found.) The straight between Alaska
and Siberia is not that wide. I'm thinking that this
thing has to range about maybe 300-500 miles, but who

I don't know what the spread pattern was for shperules
from the Barringer imapact as Nininger measured it
was, and I don't know if Nininger managed to find the
whole field. Ballistic re-entry of irons over a fairly
large range is still a possibility, if not a

We had freezing sleet blowing horizontal here the
other day in Illinois, and my guess is its going to be
several months before Alaska becomes accessible...

good hunting,
E.P. Grondine
Man and Impact in the Americas

PS - I don't remember exactly the 1.8 psi range of
death by blast from Barringer, but for sure the rain
of molten iron and succeeding fires would have been
fatal out to a considerable range. I suppose I should
remember all of this dead on, but since my stroke that
has not been possible.

>Why would a crater the size of Canyon Diablo pepper
>Mammoths in both Siberia and Alaska?
>Meteor crater is big, but my god, you would not have
>been killed if you were 30 or 40 miles away, and you
>think it would shower iron with enough force to
>things thousands of miles away? I am confused here.
>Michael Farmer

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