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Actually, the initial weight would need to be 112.5g if the current weight
is 90g and if 20% was removed for testing.



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Hi Tim,

My point is that Aziz is advertising a "90g Lodranite Breccia" for sale. I
asked simple questions that had nothing to do with the broad NWA
unclassified market. How does he know it is a "Lodranite"? What lab
classified it? Did he (Aziz) submit the proper type sample (18 grams in this



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> Should all NWA's be classified?
> Should have all the pieces of NWA 869 been classified?
> I'm sure there are many NWA's on e-bay right now that are not classified.
> Best Regards,
> Tim Heitz
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>> Hello Aziz,
>> I see you are offering what appear to be "classified" meteorites for
>> sale. You claim specific classification information like " 90g Lodranite
>> Breccia". What are the assigned NWA numbers and what laboratory did you
>> send the 18-gram type sample (20% of 90 grams) to in order to have this
>> classification? This is no place for self classifying! This is a typical
>> Moroccan practice to offer material they have as the same as other
>> "classified" material.
>> Best regards,
>> Greg
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