[meteorite-list] Asteroid may be set to slam Mars in Jan.

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Hi, Mark, Francis, List,

    Heck of a good question implied here ("what does
it take to stir the inert?"). I suggest a small impact crater
on the White House lawn! Or in the Washington Mall!
A nick in the Capitol Dome? Take one tacky corner off
Parliament? A small Paris suburb? (It would never be

    Even better than an observation of a Mars impact
from Earth would be an observation from Mars. Much
better view. Of course, we don't have a "LiveCam" in
orbit, but the question would be: "could we jury-rig
something to snap the moment?" And don't forget one
Rover is "on the edge" of the impact circle; snapshot
of the horizon at the right moment?

    We can cheer unabashedly for an impact on Mars,
as the Martians have zero political influence and get
no sympathy from the planet they have fictionally
invaded so often. I'm rooting for the asteroid, so to

Sterling K. Webb
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It's interesting to speculate on the effect a second massive, observed
planetary impact in 15 years (or 3 in 100, if you count Tunguska) would
have on policy makers. One might expect that it would redouble
investment in the search for, and technologies for dealing with, PHAs.

One might hope that even the most rabid catastrophe-deniers among the
political elite would be encouraged to act... but then, maybe I'm still
on a Happy Hangover from an excessive Christmas Lunch ;-)


Francis Graham wrote:
> If it DOES hit Mars, I wonder what observations
> visual amateur astronomers can make of it? I think if
> it kicks up a dust storm that should be easy to see.

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