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The problem with X-rays from TVs wasn't with B&W, but happened when
color TVs made the scene. An X-ray tube works by bombarding a metal
target with energetic electrons. Color TV tubes have a metal screen just
before the phosphor that acts as a mask to make sure the correct gun
sees only the corresponding colored phosphor dots. It is the electrons
hitting this metal mask that produces X-rays. These are soft X-rays,
with energies on the order of 10 keV. Meteors may well produce some
X-rays, but at meteor temperatures these would also be soft X-rays. Even
very hard X-rays, up as high as 1 MeV, don't have enough energy to
liberate neutrons (typically). For that you need several MeV, what would
be considered gamma rays.


Chris L Peterson
Cloudbait Observatory

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> Hello List,
> I have a question.
> Years ago when tv's were "young" one of the problems was that the
> acceleration of electrons from the cathode to the plate " the screen"
> was that when the electron collided with the screen, Xrays were
> generated.
> Granted that the level was not near as large as what would be
> generated if
> you got a chest Xray, or a mamogram, It was never made clear what
> caused the Xrays. I do remember that the ultra high voltage was on the
> order of 25 to 35KV.and if this was enough to cause Xrays, then the
> energy needed to creat Xrays is not very large. The ionization trail
> of the atmosphere as the meteorite plows through it will cause plenty
> of electrons to help create the Xrays.
> If the Xrays knock particles around that can cause the Nitrogen to
> convert to C14 then maybe there may be more Xrays than what we
> thought there was.
> I would venture to say that this might also bear investigation.
> Pete
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