[meteorite-list] Meteorites On Display At Aerospace Education Center in Arkansas

From: Robert Woolard <meteoritefinder_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 13:30:02 -0800 (PST)
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Hello Ron,and List,

  I wanted to thank Ron for making the post to the
List about the meteorite display that just went up
this week here in Little Rock. I have to humbly admit
that I am very excited about it finally happening. I
think they have done an excellent job in presenting
the specimens. The Aerospace Education Center houses a
new state-of-the-art digital planetarium, and has an
"Apollo theme". The facility has as one of the main,
centerpiece exhibits, a true-scale model of an Apollo
Command Module that hangs from the ceiling. This
provides the lunar meteorite specimen a particularly
relevant fitting.

  The meteorites on display are on loan from the UALR
University to which Jerry and I made the original
donations. The University plans to place them on
display in the future, but until then, they have
graciously agreed to loan some of the specimens to the

  The specimens on exhibit represent some nice
examples of the basic meteorite types, and portray the
various degrees of weathering. All of them stem from
the donations we made, as well as some examples that
were acquired through trading with the intent to
diversify the original specimens with different types,
including a spectacularly beautiful 22Kg Sikhote-Alin.
(Special thanks to Marvin Killgore, Robert Haag, and
Mike Farmer for making these trades, etc.)

  I would also like to acknowledge the following
people in their hard work and help in getting the
meteorites on display:

 John O. Williams, the late planetarium director for
UALR, fellow meteorite enthusiast(and finder), and
good friend.

 Pam Shireman, who was the interim UALR planetarium
director and caretaker of the meteorites for the last
several years. Pam is now the Planetarium Director at
the A.E.C. and has been of invaluable assistance in
getting the meteorite display set up.

Ken Quimby, director of the Aerospace Education

Dr.Tony Hall, Assistant Professor of Astronomy at
UALR, for his help in getting the temporary loan to
the A.E.C approved.

  I would invite any List member who may be passing
through Little Rock for what-ever-reason ( probably
not TOO many list members, huh ;-) to stop by and
hopefully enjoy the show and the display.

  Robert Woolard

--- Ron Baalke <baalke at zagami.jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:

> Meteorites On Display At Aerospace Education Center
> Today's THV (Little Rock, Arkansas)
> January 3, 2007
> Meteorite enthusiasts can now see an exhibit at the
> Aerospace Education
> Center in Little Rock of 18 pieces of the solar
> system that have fallen
> to Earth.
> The center is displaying meteorites that range in
> size from inches to
> more than 50 pounds as part of a new "Impact Earth!
> Meteors from Space"
> program. The space rocks are on a one-year loan from
> the University of
> Arkansas at Little Rock Physics and Astronomy
> Department.
> A piece of the moon, which fell to the Earth as a
> meteorite after the
> moon was hit by a comet or meteorite, was found in
> the Dhofur Desert in
> Oman and is on loan from Little Rock residents
> Robert Woolyard and Jerry
> Hinkle.
> If you need more information, call the center at
> (501) 376-4629 or click
> on the link on the right
> (http://www.aerospaced.org/).
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