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Just this morning I mailed David a check for an Estherville Mesosiderite
thin section.

- John

John Kashuba
Ontario, California

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I wonder if there is anyone out there who has collected all those price
lists that David New used to send to his customers via airmail - which
happened in the pre-internet times, of course. I would have to dig in my old
files to still find a few of them, but may be someone out there has a more
complete collection of the lists, with David?s very unique description of
his offered pieces, "superb" always being top choice! :-) Bernd, I know you
have many, if not all of these in your archives, at least for as long as you
collect meteorites... These lists, if they were scanned and somehow made
available via the net, would be a great show example of how things were in
the later second half of the last century - I would even call it sort of
"cultural heritage" with respect to the meteorite business.

I loved to communicate with David over many years, until he somehow
disappeared from the (active) dealer scene and even in more recent times on
a more private basis, and I hope he is still around at good health together
with his wife Margaret. In the early Ninetees I once visited him at his home
in Anacortes, Washington. A real gentleman, and great guy! PS: btw he was
the first one to offer meteoritic thin sections to a wider public, and I am
proud that most of my 150+ specimens have gone through his hands.


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> Hello Bernd, Gary, list
> I completely agree with Bernd regarding the aesthetics of Forestburg (b).
> I was lucky enough to acquire a 315 g complete slice in the old good times
> (1995) when such beauties were available here and there and their gram
> prices quite affordable. David New was, at that time, such a person, one
> of
> the most expertized meteorite dealers, a man full of knowledge, fairness,
> kindness and respect towards collectors. Bernd should not contradict me.
> Regarding that slice of Forestburg (b), David told me one day something
> like "Zelimir, if you are a true collector, you must take that one". It
> was
> not listed for sale but rather a specific offer from David for a
> beginner-collector and friend. And, believe me, he did not push the sale
> for some profit as David first wanted our satisfaction.
> In this case, mine was reached beyond all my expectations and I agreed to
> get it without even having a preliminary idea of its aspect, except a
> short
> description, because I just trusted my friend.
> I have no pictures on hand to show you but here is a summary of its
> characteristics.
> It is a 150 x 70 mm full slice, 15 mm thick. Both sides are neatly
> polished
> and show a black pattern, full of metal (Fe-Ni) spots, grains and islets,
> along with some schreibersite patches. It nicely contrasts with the thick
> red-brown crust well visible all around and carrying a painted number "M
> 148.1b" (Monnig collection at TCU).
> I don't remember having noticed any greenish inclusion (as, e.g., in
> "Belle
> Plaine" or "Lahoma", to cite 2 other meteorites that involve such
> inclusions ) but will check this later for sure.
> Needless to say this slice remains as one of my collection master pieces.
> The conclusion of this example is that sometimes one does not necessarily
> need some rare meteorite type to appreciate an odd pattern and that
> sometimes a simple L5 or H6 can offer some extraordinary fairy-like
> picture. I understand how Gary and Bernd did appreciate their acquisition
> of Forestburg (b).
> The other, and perhaps even more rewarding conclusion is that you can
> sometimes get the "best of the best" by just trusting a genuine friend and
> his expertise, if you are lucky enough to know such a person. And I am
> sure
> such people are certainly still numerous around us, within our
> list....they
> should recognize themselves...
> Best wishes,
> Zelimir
> A 21:46 07/01/2007 +0000, vous avez ?crit :
> >Hello Gary and List,
> >
> > > I just received and photographed this very nice slice of Forestburg
> (b)
> > > from the Hupe Collection...and this one is just beautiful Shock stage
> > > S5, weathering grade W1; the chondrite is shock blackened and contains
> > > impact melt clasts.
> >
> >If you want to take a look it is here:
> >
> >http://www.meteorite-dealers.com/forestburg2-6.html
> >
> >Congratulations, Gary! Excellent choice!
> >
> >Anyone who hasn't seen this beauty yet, should do so. Like Gary, I am one
> >of the happy
> >owners of a beautiful Forestburg (b) slice. Forestburg (b) is much more
> >"handsome" than
> >Forestburg (a). My Forestburg (a/b) slices are from M. Cottingham and
> when
> >I first saw
> >Michael's Forestburg (b) pictures on EBay, I knew I had to own it. It
> >still is one of my
> >all-time favorites with its grayish-black, fresh matrix, its abundant,
> >evenly distributed
> >FeNi specks, and its grayish-white oval chondrules!
> >
> >Although it is possible that the stone has been transported by water
> >(rusty brown, weathered
> >fusion crust), it is so very fresh that it seems improbable that it was
> >exposed to water for
> >a longer period of time.
> >
> >Even though its Fa value of 25.8 puts it in the vicinity of the LL
> >chondrites, its low-Ca
> >pyroxene composition (Fs21.6) is still within the range for L chondrites.
> >What a meteorite!
> >
> >Best wishes,
> >
> >Bernd
> >
> >
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