[meteorite-list] Forestburg (b) L5 chondrite - A Fairy Tale

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Date: 08 Jan 2007 19:05:23 UT
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Gary wrote: If you want to take a look [at Gary's slice] it is here:


Mark writes: A photograph from my Forestburg (b) thin section is shown here:


Z?limir writes:

"...sometimes a simple L5 or H6 can offer some extraordinary fairy-like
picture. I understand how Gary and Bernd did appreciate their acquisition
of Forestburg (b)."

Hello Z?limir, Gary, Mark B. and List,

There is one such "fairy-like" chondrule in my Forestburg (b) thin section.
It features a prominent polysomatic megachondrule measuring 5 millimeters in
largest dimension. It is a complex, oval, barred olivine-pyroxene chondrule
and displays stunning interference colors of purple, pink, blue, yellow, orange
and turquoise under crossed polars. What a masterpiece by Mother Nature!

Best wishes,


P.S.: Thin section pic attached for Z?limir, Gary, and Mark!

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