[meteorite-list] Forestburg (b) L5 chondrite - A Fairy Tale

From: Zelimir Gabelica <Zelimir.Gabelica_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 20:43:01 +0100
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Many thanks Bernd!

The picture is wonderful indeed.

Upon checking my collection catalog, I note having also got a thin section
of the same meteorite (David New, 1998).
However, I also note I sold that slice (and many others for which I had the
real meteorite represented in collection) to my friend Roger Warin
(enthroned Ensisheim 2006) who, as expert scientist, recently fell in love
for meteorite thin sections and "all what is behind".
Roger is especially becoming keen in taking micrographs of TS' under
polarized light.
As a recent list member, Roger is certainly reading this post and I can bet
he can provide us rapidly a picture of that Forestburg(b) thin section. If
not done yet, I am even more sure he is willing to do it...tonight (I well
know Roger's passions...).
Eh, Roger ?
(Story to be continued).

By the way, I also note I have a second slice of Forestburg (b) in
collection. Got from Blaine Reed (another very nice and honest guy) in 1998.
It is a 127.4 g part slice, 100x55x4 mm, black, lots of metal and some
light gray chondrules.
I can't say more as I am only reading the description in my catalog. If I
retained it in colection means that it definitely shown something different
than my big slice.
I will have a closed look next week and tell you more. Gary or Mark might
be anxious to know whether there are some greenish spots around ?


A 19:05 08/01/2007 +0000, bernd.pauli at paulinet.de a ?crit :
>Gary wrote: If you want to take a look [at Gary's slice] it is here:
>Mark writes: A photograph from my Forestburg (b) thin section is shown here:
>Z?limir writes:
>"...sometimes a simple L5 or H6 can offer some extraordinary fairy-like
>picture. I understand how Gary and Bernd did appreciate their acquisition
>of Forestburg (b)."
>Hello Z?limir, Gary, Mark B. and List,
>There is one such "fairy-like" chondrule in my Forestburg (b) thin section.
>It features a prominent polysomatic megachondrule measuring 5 millimeters in
>largest dimension. It is a complex, oval, barred olivine-pyroxene chondrule
>and displays stunning interference colors of purple, pink, blue, yellow,
>and turquoise under crossed polars. What a masterpiece by Mother Nature!
>Best wishes,
>P.S.: Thin section pic attached for Z?limir, Gary, and Mark!
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