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From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2007 13:52:45 -0700
Message-ID: <C285D52D.364D1%mlblood_at_cox.net>

        You guys are a hoot. Case in point: Asking Chicago Steve to ,
"Please allow common sense and common courtesy to dictate your
posting habits." I mean come on! Really! If he had access to either
of these skills don't you know he would use them - at least
        Personally, I giggle every time I read one of his posts - and the
more outlandish, the harder I laugh - not because Steve is so off the
wall, but because inside my head I am dancing with delight in anticipation
of the list members who will soon be bouncing off the walls, threatening
to leave the list, cursing him out, calling him names, etc. It never ceases
to amaze and entertain me that grown men who supposedly have more
sense than Chicago Steve are lacking in the most basic understanding
and insight into his level of functioning. I mean it is like a father who
threatens to leave home because his two year old repeatedly tracks
dirt into the house or gets sticky stuff on his hands. And the funniest
thing of all is the self righteous indignation people have about this.
What don't you get? Would you repeatedly become enraged at a two
year old who repeatedly knocked over his milk at the dinner table and
got his sleeve in the mashed potatoes?
        Some people just don't have the same "wiring" those more fortunate
than they. Some of them became serial killers, some are homeless and talk
to themselves, many are in prison, etc. Chicago Steve clearly TRIES
to be as good a guy as he can be. Unfortunately, that is more than can
be said for many of us. I know it is not always true of me.
        Demanding that Steve practice "common sense" is a riot! And all
of this from people who KNOW what is going to be in his posts before
they open them - yet INSIST on reading them and then DEMAND that
HE change! (they shouldn't "have to" use the delete key or use an
email blocker - it isn't "fair.") Common, guys, you're killing me! It isn't
as funny as Louis Black... but almost...
        Best wishes, Michael

on 6/1/07 11:55 AM, JKGwilliam at h3chondrite at cox.net wrote:

> I agree with Paul 110%. If anyone else out there
> is tired of the crap, please waste a little
> bandwidth for a good cause and let everyone know
> how you feel. This is one circumstance where
> your "vote" might actually mean something.
> Have a good weekend,
> John Gwilliam
> At 11:43 AM 6/1/2007, LITIG8NSHARK at aol.com wrote:
>> In a message dated 6/1/2007 1:51:09 PM Eastern
>> Daylight Time, stevenarnold60120 at yahoo.com
>> writes: Hi list.I hope all are well.I just want
>> to let everyone know who won freebies,all will
>> finally be mailed out this weekend.I also hope
>> you all enjoy your free stuff. steve arnold
>> Steve R.Arnold,chicago,Ill,Usa!! Collecting
>> Meteorites since 06/19/1999!!
>> .................................................................
>> Good afternoon Folks, An Open Letter to
>> (Chicago) Steve Arnold Re June 19, 1999--a day
>> which will live in infamy. Steve, Despite the
>> scores of annual requests you receive from List
>> members, pleading with you to cease your endless
>> aggrandizement, egocentric self-promotion, abuse
>> of bandwidth, and generally insufferable banter,
>> you continue your abuse at a rate which shouts
>> from the rooftops how little respect you have
>> for the vast majority of List members. Case in
>> point: Is it really necessary to inform the
>> entire List that your ??? freebies??? de jure
>> will be mailed out this weekend? Honestly,
>> Steve, you certainly must have the email
>> addresses of those folks who you are sending
>> your rocks to. Contact them directly if you
>> must, not via the list. While I don't claim to
>> speak for all List members on this topic, I, for
>> one, don't give a rip when it is that you are
>> mailing your rocks out. Please allow common
>> sense and common courtesy to dictate your
>> posting habits. In the alternative, drop your
>> computer system in the nearest lake and listen
>> to the collective sigh of relief across the
>> planet. Paul Martyn
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