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Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2007 16:32:51 +0200
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to raise funds for a further investigation of the Bassikounou meteorite fall we are parting with two selcted specimens of this recent witnessed fall.
The first specimen is a rhomboid 497gm fragment with freshest fusion crust and roll over rim. This specimen has seven surfaces of which six are covered with fallfresh thick primary fusion crust. One fragmented surface shows only minor signs of heating indicating a terminal fragmentation shortly before the dark flight.

Among the unique features of this fallfresh meteorite are impact marks composed of parallel streaks of adherent clay soil. A plant fiber embedded in these marks still sticks to uncleaned meteorite.
The second Bassikounou offered is a 318 gm completely crusted indivudal. This specimen is heavily sculpted and shows a chaotic fusion pattern indicating heavy and fast turbulating around its centre of gravity.

Both are absolute premium pieces.
For collectors of cosmic metal we offer a large regmaglypted 117 gm etched endpiece of the Taza plessitic iron. The spectacular half individual is excellently prepared and has a brilliant etch. The cut surface displays a kamazite band that flows into a troilite inclusion and which is dramatically intersected by hundreds of parallel plessite needles.
View for your leisure:
Thank you for your interest, your questions and comments are appreciated.
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