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Bernd, David, Marcin and List,

This IS a fun rock. There is a lot to see and you KNOW that it has gone
through a lot of processing before it got into our hands. Large chondrules
formed somewhere, got broken then mixed with small perfect chondrules.
Phyllosilicates were aqueously altered elsewhere then incorporated as dense
lumps in this otherwise dry blend. (But do I see just a little bleaching on
a couple RP/C chondrules? Tell me if you see any.)

I snapped a few pictures to show this meteorite's texture and variety.



- John

John Kashuba
Ontario, California

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Hello List,

I would like to direct your attention to Marcin's latest acquisition: NWA
a rare and unique addition to the exotic group of CH chondrites (see David
Weir's excellent website for more information on the CH-clan!). The NWA
is still provisional but will soon be official. This unique chondrite has
classified by two (!) different labs and both David and I had the pleasure
"study" pictures of this significant Hot Desert find before it was offered
the collecting community.

Right now there are only six CH chondrites worldwide:

A?fer 182 / 207 / 214 / 366 - Allan Hills 85085 and: NWA 4781

.. so I think that Marcin's $/gram price for such
an ultrarare meteorite is more than very attractive:


I've taken pictures of my 1.184-gram endcut (magnification:16x and 32x)
just in case any potential buyers are interested in seeing its tiny
(average mean diameter ca. 0.1 mm) up close.

Best wishes from the proud owner
of 1 + 1.184 grams of NWA 4781.


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