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From: Jack Schrader <jack.schrader_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 12:32:34 -0700
Message-ID: <20070603193238.ONEI7952.fed1rmmtao107.cox.net_at_fed1rmimpo02.cox.net>

Dear List Members,
     Here is a rare and unique opportunity, a "once in a blue moon"
opportunity for anyone and everyone who has always wanted to own a truly
spectacular and rare example of a fresh basaltic shergottite. Most people
just cannot afford a decent sized specimen of any Martian meteorite as they
are quite rare and also quite expensive for the normal persons' budget. I
have only a small amount of the Martian basaltic shergottite NWA 2975/ NWA
2986 to offer for sale, all or part of it. I need to raise some quick cash
and the best way I have ever found to do that is to offer something for sale
at a price so ridiculously low that practically no one can turn it down and
still sleep at night. I predict it will sell out very quickly.
     The current market value of NWA 2975/ NWA 2986 ( probable pairing) is
$1500 a gram which is a very, very reasonable price for this low TKW Martian
find which is not only one of the more recent finds, but certainly one of
the freshest available second only to observed falls such as Zagami. Please
note: The fact that I am only selling a small quantity of this meteorite at
a cost that is substantially, and I mean substantially far below the fair
market value of this meteorite is by no means a reflection on the real
market value of this fantastic shergottite. The fact that I am selling this
material so cheaply is simply a reflection of the fact that I need the cash
as quickly as I can raise it. Selling a relatively minor amount of this
material cheaply and quickly will not hurt the price or alter the dealer
market for this material now or in the future. This sale does however
offer a narrow window of opportunity for anyone wishing to have some of this
material either as an investment or for incorporation into a collection.
This offering will greatly benefit those few collectors who have always
wanted a decent fresh Martian meteorite specimen but have never been able to
quite raise the money for one until now. This meteorite will only increase
in value and at the price I am selling it for, you can make money on it
     If you have been paying attention to the recent posts to the met list
regarding the future availability of good NWA material, you are already
aware that the borders with Algeria and Mauritania have tightened down since
this meteorite was first discovered in Algeria in 2005. The amount of good
material coming out of Morocco has been steadily declining and most of the
smart dealers are recommending that now is the time to buy good material and
hoard it.
     I have ONLY a very limited number of small whole stones and fragments
of stones of this rare meteorite to sell at this price and once it is gone,
it is GONE and will never again be available at such a great deal. Most of
the stones that I have are absolutely stunning INDIVIDUAL Martian meteorites
and all have excellent remaining fusion crust. The NWA 2975 / NWA 2986
pairing is a very rare planetary find with a very low TKW and the only
Martian meteorite find with small, affordable INDIVIDUALS. When will you
ever have the chance again to own an affordable individual Martian meteorite
and a basaltic shergottite at that? The Early Birds will rule on this one
so if you are interested in this offering, please email me ASAP and I will
email you back with a listing of the stones that are available and a price
per gram that you will find surprising and absolutely the lowest price per
gram for which you will ever see this gorgeous shergottite. Thank you. I
am IMCA member # 2329. The stone you will get is guaranteed for life to be
NWA 2975 / NWA 2986. Jack Schrader jack.schrader at cox.net
Received on Sun 03 Jun 2007 03:32:34 PM PDT

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