[meteorite-list] Ensisheim baby!

From: JKGwilliam <h3chondrite_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 17:34:23 -0700
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You are undoubtedly either extremely brave, devoted or foolhardy...or
maybe a bit of all there. Anyone who has ever traveled by air with a
baby can tell you it is an arduous task even if it's only for three
or four hours. Two 14 hour flights with a baby on your lap is not my
idea of a relaxing vacation. However, my hat is off to you for
making the sacrifice and effort so your father can meet his
granddaughter. I hope it's a memorable occasion for all of you.

Kodak and Kleenex time. Have a safe trip.

John Gwilliam

At 04:13 PM 6/10/2007, dean bessey wrote:
>Yes the excitment is all there now. I am leaving in a
>few hours. From New Zealand takes a day and a half to
>get anywhere. Boy this place is really in the middle
>of nowhere.
>My parents are coming to and the 4 of us have 3 weeks
>of nice vacationing planned outside the two shows in
>germany and spain (And playing with my baby - whom my
>father has never seen). Planning to spend the next 2
>or 3 days in belgium touring the medieval cities
>bruges and ghent before dropping into ensisheim on
>friday mid day.
>My wife just finished giving my 14 month old baby a
>bath and we are almost all packed and ready to go now.
>She has no idea what awaits her later today. I only
>bought my baby a baby ticket so I hope that the plane
>wont be to full or this will be two absolutely
>horendus fourteen hour flights.
>I wont have much by way of meteorites for sale but see
>you all friday
>--- Michael Farmer <meteoriteguy at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Dean,
> > I will see you in Ensisheim in just a few days! Yay,
> > packing now. Lot's to get done in the meantime.
> > Anyone
> > who wants me to bring something to the show for you
> > to
> > buy, NOW is the time to tell me. I am bringing very
> > little so please, email your requests right now.
> > Michael Farmer
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