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Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 21:03:19 -0400
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Does anyone else get that "deja vous" feeling?

It wasn't long ago when the planet was in panic from the "experts"
prediction about the approaching doom of Y2K - toasters refusing to toast,
and planes falling from the sky...

A lot of money was made by some back then!


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Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Global Warming - Scientifically proven
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Mr. Farmer and Mr. Garrison:

The intent of the bet I proposed was not to make money. It was to
challange the idiocy of the al-Gore crowd. So far, I have zero takers on a
proposition that requires a mere 1/5 of the accepted figure.

Mr. Farmer:

The rain forest "lungs" have a lot of help from phytoplankton, which
account for about 2/3 of all photosynthesis on the planet.

To the list in general:

I have no desire to see NYC underwater or any of the other horrors that so
many are convinced are waiting for us, or our kids, or grandkids, or
whatever. I do have a desire for rational discussion about global warming
to continue.

Those who say the debate is over and that all reputable scientists are on
board are full of it. They are all set to make economic and social
decisions that will run into the deca-trillions and could cause more harm
than good. Their attitude is "to hell with the nay sayers. We gotta do
something now! Omigod!!", never mind that the proposed cure could well be
worse than the alleged disease.

Here are 3 debatable questions for the highly touted ethanol "solution":

(1) Is ethanol a net energy winner or loser?

(2) What will the full environmental impact (fertilizer, runoff, energy
for cultivation and processing, etc.) of greatly increased corn production

(3) What are the ethics of converting food to fuel? Is it ok to let people
starve now so we can make ethanol? No blood for oil but starvation for

Computer models that project decades into the future are a linchpin of
global warming. The weather forecasters around here can't do better than
plus or minus 3 degrees a few days from now. Why should anybody believe a
50 year prediction?

Global warming hysteria is also propped up on a hockey stick. Whenever
hockey sticks are around, hockey pucks can't be far away.

Paul Swartz

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