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From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 18:19:53 -0700
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on 6/10/07 5:14 PM, valparint at aol.com at valparint at aol.com wrote:
> The rain forest "lungs" have a lot of help from phytoplankton, which
> account for about 2/3 of all photosynthesis on the planet.
Phytoplankton has has a little trouble with desalination of the oceans
as the Polar ice cap and Antarctica melt. (see photos over the last 50
years - this isn't THEORY, the damned things are melting before our
very eyes - how do the nay sayers explain that one away???). So, cutting
down the rain forests at a rate of 2.5 acres per second - day in and day
out, year after year is no big deal. Besides, no one is making a fortune
doing that. "If you've seen one Red Wood you?ve seen 'm all"

If you look at the fossil record you will know we are currently facing
the 13th major extinction. The difference is that this is the first major
extinction caused by man. But pay no attention. It isn't real. It only
exists in the heads of whackos.
> Those who say the debate is over and that all reputable scientists are on
> board are full of it. They are all set to make economic and social
> decisions that will run into the deca-trillions and could cause more harm
> than good. Their attitude is "to hell with the nay sayers. We gotta do
> something now! Omigod!!", never mind that the proposed cure could well be
> worse than the alleged disease.
I should have known I was causing problems for the planet when I
converted my house to solar power. It would be horrible if we built
solar panels over the trillions of acres of deserts in the Southwest.
Just look what it would do to the dune buggy set. And let's not even
think about what more windmills would do. (hope they don't make
a horror movie out of THAT! - way too scary).

And all this would cause some people to get rich! (unlike the major
oil companies.

Like I said, I hope I am wrong..... just doesn't look like
it from here. Michael
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